Appending affiliate link to articles

I have searched help and forums for an answer to this to no avail. First, I have old version of JAM ( I make an article ad in the marketing section. I want it to automatically include the affiliates link. It does not. So I use the method like this:
"here's the link<a href="{affiliate_link}">Click Here!</a>
However, when I look in the affiliate control panel for that article it simply has the same text as above. The only thing different i see in the code on the affiliates side is it now has an invisible gif eg:
<img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" />
So how do I get it to automatically append the affiliates link to the article?

JROX Staff Posted a reply 6 years ago

for version 1 of JAM, I think the link would be:

<a href="%%AFFILIATE_LINK%%%">Click here</a>

thomas2137 Posted a reply 6 years ago

Thanks for the response. It was not correct but sent me on the right path to some extent. It didn't work so I continued digging around. I'd thought I'd remembered seeing somewhere in the admin program that had the codes and found it in a dropdown box on the section where you make landing pages. The actual code is <a href="%%%AFFILIATE_URL%%%">Click here</a> Note that it uses "url" instead of "link and your example was missing a %.

So now it works but shows another issue whereby the program doesn't seem to be rendering correct responses. (I'm trying to insure this is about as dummy proof for affiliates as possible).

Now, when the affiliate goes to their marketing tools and drills down to the article, the link is correct. However, just below it is a section with a button to "select and copy code". However, if they select and copy that code it will not work. Seems to be some improper characters in place of the html. Not sure if that is a php issue or what.

It looks exactly like this:
<a href="">Click here</a>

when it should look like this:

<a href="">Click here</a>

obviously the <a should be < and the > should be > and the </a> should be </a> and I know those codes actually represent the appropriate desired characters so not sure why it is replacing them with the actual ascii. Any ideas?

JROX Staff Posted a reply 6 years ago

you can click on the view html icon on the html editor to check these.

thomas2137 Posted a reply 6 years ago

yes good answer. that solved the problem. By viewing the source and then changing the characters to the proper html then saving it made the correction. Bad that it causes the problem from the outset, good that it can be fixed with a little HTML knowledge on the backend. Thanks for the answers/consideration.

Oh and case it wasn't clear the program was rendering on the front end (affiliate panel) the ascii characters for the opening and closing href tags for the affiliate link rather than the proper tags. (even though in the admin editor when I made the article page it looked fine) (But your last answer of looking at the actual source code by clicking the source icon in the editor revealed the errant ascii characters and editing them there to reflect proper opening and closing href tags fixed the issue)I looked at my previous post and saw that your forum program seems to have converted the example I gave over to proper html so thought I'd further clarify in case anyone else comes here because they have the same issue.


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