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Cron Job Settings Not Working In JEM & JAM

I am having problem getting cron job settings to work.

I have set up as i believe it should, be but my automated messages are either not going or a few times when they go, they go erratically i.e. not keeping to the time setting in cron jobs settings on my hosting server. The "next send date" indicated in "view list members" under "mailing list" seems to show the time/date when the message was created and not when the next send time should actually be. i.e. it is behind the expected time of next delivery.

I have copied all the cron job settings in my JEM and JAM settings to my hosting server and set the timing properly on my hosting server and yet this problem exists.

Please guide appropriately.

Thank you.

delek Posted a reply 5 years ago

In case that is relevant, must the cron jobs be set to every 30 minutes for "send email" as i set it to every 5 minutes in my hosting, though i have now changed it to every 30 minutes again.


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