Don't understand

  • Is Jam installed in Jem by default when y guys set it up?
  • If I have jem installed by you guys but want to use jam ,can I install jam on same domain as jem ?
  • If so wondering how do we get you guys to do that ,, we where never give the choice on sign up between the 2 ?
  • See we just want to use or own site , not build a new one on jem.... to run all our jv links tracking and invoice ,with paypal and Jrox ?
Possible Answer

JROX Staff Posted a reply 6 years ago


JEM already has its own built in affiliate marketing system based on JAM.

There is no need to integrate both as that would be redundant.

miketanton Posted a reply 6 years ago

Yes but, Jem will not allow remote domain use.. I have to use Jems site template ??

I don't want to build a new site ,,
So I understand Jam allows me to use my old site ( remote domain ) ?

According to your support is this right ? Thanks for your replies ...


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