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Re: Contact Us page, tpl_contact.php

I found in the community forum where it explained where to edit the contact us form at system/cache/application/views/main/tpl_contact.php. Before editing, I copied the php page and renamed in case of error. Of course, on my first edit attempt it was…


Having Custom work done on my Jem site

I have an idea for my Jem site that would require custom programming. Is it possible to add new features & functionality, and who would I contact for an estimate? I don't know programming, so would need to contract the…


Tax collection on site

I have been hit up with a lot of questions about taxes from my affiliates. Has anybody figured out what to do with this, I see tax zones but do I need to add a tax zone for each state…


Minimum Purchase for New Members

I know I can force members to purchase a membership product, but I am wondering if there is a way to set a minimum purchase for new members. That way they can chose different products to cover the fee?


Community area in JEM

Hello Will the community area be available in the new version of JEM? Is it an addon module or part of the core? Thanks George


Making settings

Hello, i am new to JAM and have two questions which are very important for me: At first i installed the software and a first program which works fine. But now i want to install a further program which does…


JEM Installation Issues

I'm trying to install the JEM demo version and have ran into the errors: Could not connect to licensing server The script was not able to check if mod_rewrite is enabled. Please verify this with your web host after installation…


e-commerce question

How do I get unlimited web storage and web traffic space? need a lot more...


Groupon / Living Social

Are there Groupon / Living Social type features available for JEM (Group Deals, Daily Deals, Total of Deals purchased, and Bid System)? If not, it would be great if they could be added.


Cron jobs for affilates

Hi... Is the CRON for updating affilate activities part of the Daily management CRON? Is there an issue with running that say every 30 minutes? or is there another CRON for this that I need?


Upgrade message

Why is my licensed version of JEM suddenly telling me that I need to upgrade because I have more than 50 members. Can someone tell me what's going on ASAP. The area for my license key is now blank and…


Don't understand

Is Jam installed in Jem by default when y guys set it up?If I have jem installed by you guys but want to use jam ,can I install jam on same domain as jem ?If so wondering how do we…

JROX Staff

New Site, new community

Hey guys, we've setup a new community for all of our JROX.COM users here. If you have questions regarding any of our software, just post it in the appropriate forum and one of our staff members will reply ASAP. Thanks!


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