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How can I put a image in the blog page ?

Hell everyone, I need to put a picture (1900x250) below the menus and logo of the blog page on the "Clean And Corporate" theme. I think I must to change the "tpl_content_grid!" - Can you give me the code I…


Activate/Deactivate Follow Ups In Mailing List

Can one activate/deactivate any or all follow ups in any mailing list? If yes, how, as i see no provision for this. Thank you.


Cron Job Settings Not Working In JEM & JAM

I am having problem getting cron job settings to work. I have set up as i believe it should, be but my automated messages are either not going or a few times when they go, they go erratically i.e. not…


Changing Wordings To Unsubscribe In JEM

In what file within the JEM folder can one change the wordings of "click here to unsubscribe from the mailing list" Thank you.


Full Email Content Cannot Be Seen In Archive?

When i enable "show email content on archive and queue list" in email settings in JEM, unlike in JEM 1.0 and JAM, it only shows a snippet of the content and no provision to see the entire content.Is this the…


Folder Protection - Memberships, Etc.

I have been messing around with JEM for years and love it, but I have been having tons of problems since trying to get things going again with all the changes. I cannot figure out how to set up memberships…


Sending Email To SINGLE Member/Customer in JEM 2.0

I cannot see how one can send a system email to a SINGLE member/customer, which will feature in the email archive of JEM 2.0. This used to be easily done in JEM 1.0 I notice @ under the profile picture…


integrate a self-created form

How can I integrate a self-created form in Jem?


Hide Registration and Affiliate

With the old JEM I just put in CSS below to hide the registration and the affiliate activate link. With the new JEM this CSS code doesn't work: #jroxMembersAffiliateApproval { display: none; } #jroxTopRegister { display: none; } How can…



Hello I'm new to this but i have my own server which i want to install Jam on after uploading to my root folder and following all other steps... after completing the first step, the step two shows a blank…


how member can edit payment information?

after login member can edit billing info , shipping info and profile info how member can edit his payment info after login. only three tabs showing after member login. but there is no affiliate info or payment information TAB but…


Category Images

I've tried using the 'popup' to upload am image for the category, tried importing the category image through the import function, uploading the image to various paths, have checked permissions in said folders, yet when uploading an image no errors…


Affiliate Sign Up Not Receiving Email

When an affiliate signs up, he or she is not receiving their email with their user name and password. what needs to be configured to make this work?

brett3053 - Upfront membership & Monthly Fee

Is there away with JEM to use as the merchant to Charge an upfront Fee for membership and then a recurring monthly fee? For example: $29 first month, then $5 recurring monthly thereafter


permissions issue or worse?

I've checked error logs and find nothing relating as to what may be causing this issue. No images and php code showing, partially as you can see from the screenshot.


Remove email from contact us

I want people to use the form to email us. How do I remove the email address listed on the contact us page?


removing of jrox logo

i just want some clarification regarding logos of jrox, it's okey that the copyright will remain intact, but the most frequent question is, if we buy a license, we do not want to show any logos of jrox instead our…


How to respond to blog post on JEM?

Has anyone figured out how to respond to blog/article post from the JEM admin area? I don't see a reply section for this...


Hi, I have some language upload problem

I have uploaded my language file to system/application/language but I can't see it in the selection by setting language.And i trying to add language in the manage language page ,i fill in the language filed ,code flag and what kind…


Custom form fields

Hello When activating the custom form fields they show up fine on the registration form, but do not show in the member's area update profile section. Is this a bug as I can't find a setting for adding them to…


I can't checkmark and print multiple invoices?

This seems silly not to have... but there is no option to select several invoices and hit print once? I am having to print invoice one at a time.


Commission Being Generated When Not supposed to!

Hello, I have a product set to Disable Commissions=Yes and Disabled Custom Commissions, it still generates commissions to the entire downline/affil groups I tried Disable Commissions=No and YES on custom commissions, and setting all affil levels to 0.0 I tried…


PayPal Pro CC - dropdown with PayPal doesn't work

Hello, I have PayPal Pro and using the Credit Card through PayPal module, which includes a dropdown during checkout of different cards and Paypal Express. When the PayPal express option is clicked, it doesn't do anything! I need to accept…


All links return 404 including admin_login

New install mod_rewrite verified ioncube loaders installed rewrite base within .htaccess is set to /shop www was set on install , reinstalled without www same results OS = debian Error log show simply 'does not exist' on any link clicked…


Second Redirection?

Greetings, JAM was recently installed for us and we'd very much appreciate some guidance on a new product we're offering that's been a bit of a challenge. We've contacted JROX by email and voicemail several times, haven't had any response…


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