4x4 feeder matrix system w Direct Pay using paypal

Is it possible to create a 4x4 feeder matrix system with direct pay. People pay their up line directly using paypal email we have them provide.


Green by Phone Payment Module

I uploaded this module and it's showing a blank screen right after adding it. It added it twice because I hit the back button, then I deleted one. When I try to edit the settings it gives me another blank…


Help Setting up and AutoShip

Greetings, We are in our final stages of setting up a JROX JEM site. We have run into a road block and need the assistance from your Great Community support. Our main issue is with AutoShip and We are…


Cash On Delivery Option

Is there any Cash On Delivery option available? If so, how can it be activated?


How does one do a restore?

How does one do a restore. I can't seem to find any information on restoring JEM.


URLS are changing!

Hi.. I built a page that supports many PDF's for download. I have PDF images, with links. Each image has an absolute link in it. The links seem to work when I check, but when I go back they do…


PayPal Payments pro

How do I download and install Paypal Payments Pro module for JEM, I'm sure the instructions where on the old site design. Thanks George


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