How to change slider light_airy theme

I haven't been able to find the location of the home page slider content to change it? It doesn't appear it can be changed via the admin?

Please Confirm

JROX Staff Posted a reply 5 years ago

the content for the home page sliders are all standard content pages you add in the Content > Manage Content area. you can edit the ones there from the default to change the home page slideshows.

goworld Posted a reply 5 years ago

Can any one tell me how to change the slide background image for this theme + also delete the facebook link for JAM at the bottom...

Thank you in advance

tiffa17394 Posted a reply 5 years ago

Did you ever figure this out? I need to remove the Face Book stuff on the bottom or replace it with mine

goworld Posted a reply 5 years ago

Go to Global Configuration>System>facebook Connect>delete or modify the Facebook Like Box Code

jasonkelseygordonhouston Posted a reply 5 years ago

I try changing the slider page by adding my own link on one page.... this and it does not change the slider theme page as it still refer to default...


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