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How can I put a image in the blog page ?

Posted 2 years ago by first38747 | 1 reply

Hell everyone, I need to put a picture (1900x250) below the menus and logo of the blog page on the "Clean And Corporate" theme. I think I must to change the "tpl_content_grid!" - Can you give me the code I…

Activate/Deactivate Follow Ups In Mailing List

Posted 2 years ago by delek | no replies

Can one activate/deactivate any or all follow ups in any mailing list? If yes, how, as i see no provision for this. Thank you.

Cron Job Settings Not Working In JEM & JAM

Posted 2 years ago by delek | 1 reply

I am having problem getting cron job settings to work. I have set up as i believe it should, be but my automated messages are either not going or a few times when they go, they go erratically i.e. not…

Changing Wordings To Unsubscribe In JEM

Posted 2 years ago by delek | 1 reply

In what file within the JEM folder can one change the wordings of "click here to unsubscribe from the mailing list" Thank you.

Full Email Content Cannot Be Seen In Archive?

Posted 2 years ago by delek | 1 reply

When i enable "show email content on archive and queue list" in email settings in JEM, unlike in JEM 1.0 and JAM, it only shows a snippet of the content and no provision to see the entire content.Is this the…

Folder Protection - Memberships, Etc.

Posted 2 years ago by rodne3195 | 3 replies

I have been messing around with JEM for years and love it, but I have been having tons of problems since trying to get things going again with all the changes. I cannot figure out how to set up memberships…

Sending Email To SINGLE Member/Customer in JEM 2.0

Posted 2 years ago by delek | 3 replies

I cannot see how one can send a system email to a SINGLE member/customer, which will feature in the email archive of JEM 2.0. This used to be easily done in JEM 1.0 I notice @ under the profile picture…

integrate a self-created form

Posted 2 years ago by chuck15207 | no replies

How can I integrate a self-created form in Jem?

Hide Registration and Affiliate

Posted 2 years ago by brett3053 | 1 reply

With the old JEM I just put in CSS below to hide the registration and the affiliate activate link. With the new JEM this CSS code doesn't work: #jroxMembersAffiliateApproval { display: none; } #jroxTopRegister { display: none; } How can…


Posted 2 years ago by maxwell | 1 reply

Hello I'm new to this but i have my own server which i want to install Jam on after uploading to my root folder and following all other steps... after completing the first step, the step two shows a blank…

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ioncube cannot be decoded

Posted 4 years ago by nizzu35817 | 5 replies

I have this error when I try to go to my admin after installation The file /home/xpressni/public_html/member/index.php cannot be decoded by this version of the ionCube Loader. If you are the administrator of this site then please install the latest…

Website Replication

Posted 4 years ago by melissa | 20 replies | 2 answers

I am trying to figure out the website replication/affiliate program. What is the link for the replication template and tutorial? And will the template allow me to post the affiliate's pictures on their personalized page (if they choose to upload…

404 Error unless I put .../index.php in the URL

Posted 4 years ago by nick1892 | 5 replies

Would you help? I tried everything I could think of. This is new install of JEM. I run through the install fine, but when I click the "login to admin" button in the final step, it take me to this…

Is the JEM white label (no JROX branding) Free?

Posted 4 years ago by orin2 | 4 replies | 1 answer

Hi, I need a white label version of JEM. This means there are no Jrox branding on the site, in the source code or anywhere in the addon modules. Where can I get this? And is it free?

Error on Install

Posted 4 years ago by peter35721 | 3 replies

I downloaded the install zip file. Unzipped the file. Renamed the directory jem_folder. Created SQL files per documentation. Uploaded it to my html folder as binaries. Changed the permissions of Config and Database. Ran install at: http://www.mydomain.com/jem_folder/install/index.php The install completed…

JEM installation folder

Posted 4 years ago by melissa | 7 replies

When I set up JEM I put it in www.myurl.com/store because I thought it had to go in a subfolder. But now when someone goes to www.myurl.com they get an error message. I really would like it to be an…

error install

Posted 4 years ago by carmeloviera | 1 reply

Hi, I'm very new with this and i need help. Install process. Every think as ok untl the past 2. when cklic to login comes the follow messages: Site error: the file /home3/miltiend/public_html/tiendas/index.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_5.2.so to…

Payment Module Creation

Posted 4 years ago by davep36259 | 8 replies

I am adding a payment module, and I followed the instructions on at http://jem.jrox.com/kb/article/creating-a-new-jem-module, but it wouldn't load. It kept saying incorrect path. The specific instruction is: "TYype in the name and description for your module, and the module file…

Don't understand

Posted 4 years ago by miketanton | 2 replies | 1 answer

Is Jam installed in Jem by default when y guys set it up?If I have jem installed by you guys but want to use jam ,can I install jam on same domain as jem ?If so wondering how do we…

New Site, new community

Posted 4 years ago by JROX Staff | 5 replies

JROX Staff
Hey guys, we've setup a new community for all of our JROX.COM users here. If you have questions regarding any of our software, just post it in the appropriate forum and one of our staff members will reply ASAP. Thanks!


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