Membership question

I am trying to get my affiliate program configured and so have been working on the membership function. I am wanting something like this:

Affiliate initial cost of $25, re-occurring monthly membership fee is $10

Is that doable with JAM/JEM? Thanks!

melissa Posted a reply 6 years ago

Ok, I am trying this (can you let me know what you think please?)

Membership Pricing:
Product price: $10
recurring interval: 1 month
Enable trial pricing
Trial price: $25
Trial interval 1 day

mgestore Posted a reply 6 years ago

Melissa, did this work. I have a similar question.

JROX Staff Posted a reply 6 years ago

that should work as long as you have a payment gateway that supports trial pricing, like Paypal

melis17611 Posted a reply 6 years ago

Yes it works fine, if you use Paypal. Other services I don't know


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