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Stopping Multiple Payments On One(1) Invoice

I need to urgently stop the ability for members to be able to make multiple payments on one(1) order/invoice as it is being exploited for massive fraud on my site.

Please how can i do this?

Thanks for your anticipated urgent response.

JROX Staff Posted a reply 6 years ago

What payment gateway are using? Invoices are automatically marked as paid
as long as you have configured the gateway to alert JEM on payment ( and if
your gateway supported it)

tornado Posted a reply 6 years ago

You might also wanna talk to your programmer and tell them to tighten up your ADDITIONAL coding to compensate for duplicate "transaction IDs".

JEM; like they said; pops the transaction ID associated with the invoice AS the payment is verified by the (JEM compatible) payment gateway...thus marking said transaction is "Completed"... which also thwarts any duplicate processing on the JEM side.

JEM code, (in that regard), is tight and NOT the reason for any exploits. That's why I said ADDITIONAL coding. :)



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