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Themes not loading corectly

For a while now I have been having problems with my JEM installation. I have reinstalled it a few times to fix the problem and just when I thought I corrected it last night with what I'm calling my last chance it worked correctly and all the images loaded...I was happy! But then.....

this morning as I started to upload images and design the site using the Athletics Blue Theme My site did it again!


I tried other themes and found the only one that works for me is Cosmetics Theme

What should I do to fix this problem?

JROX Staff Posted a reply 5 years ago

You need to disable SSL as you have set your site to use SSL and it does not have one.

disable SSL in the /system/application/config/config.php file.

tiffa17394 Posted a reply 5 years ago

Is it this line? It's already disabled isn't it?

define('SSL_PUBLIC_AREA', false);
define('SSL_MEMBERS_AREA', false);
define('SSL_ADMIN_AREA', false);

olafx Posted a reply 5 years ago

hello, I had the same problem, it was in config.php in line 33 a mistake: http must be called https.

regards Olaf


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