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Wrong autoship amount at PayPal checkout

I've set up Autoship as described in this article:

I'm pretty sure I did it correctly, but when I proceed to checkout with an autoship product, the resulting PayPal standard payment page shows the proper amount for the first month, but ONLY tax and shipping each additional month.

i.e. the product is $35 + $10 shipping + $4.20 tax = 49.20 total... which SHOULD be the amount charged monthly as a monthly product autoship.
However, on the PayPal checkout page, if reads $49.20 USD for the first month Then $14.20 USD for each month.

Any help would be appreciated.

JROX Staff Posted a reply 6 years ago

make sure you have enabled autoship for the actual product itself as well, in the Products > Product Details page.

chris36730 Posted a reply 6 years ago

Thanks for the reply!

It is enabled on the product itself, yes.

On the Product Detail Page, under Options, "Disable Autoship" is set to "No".

I am assuming that saying "No" to "disable" is the same thing as enabling it. Correct?

chris36730 Posted a reply 6 years ago

Still can't figure out why it's doing this... Per the online documentation, all of my settings are correct.

Any help?

JROX Staff Posted a reply 6 years ago

please submit a help desk ticket so we can check this out further for you.


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