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  2. I would like to change the height of the slideshow, where can I enter this. As an an example. Switch from 1920px x 1000px to 1920px x 500px At the moment the height I think is 700px ... and that's exactly what I want to reduce to 400 - 500 px How and where can I make this setting? Thanks for Help
  3. Why is only English displayed in a second language? I have installed a second language, everything is displayed correctly in the preview, but when I change the language on the website I still only see English.
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  5. Videos are not loading on pages. Own html codes are deleted from the system And when I use insert with media only the following <video controls = "controls" width = "300" height = "155"> </video> appears but the video cannot be seen. Why does eCommerz not allow the use of my own html codes? Html codes are deleted every time they are saved. It's not more funy. I thought it was a well-engineered piece of software. Here you stumble from one extreme to the next. Very sad
  6. Somehow it counts clicks but only from new browser / device. Is that normal? Anyway I've bought something to check if commisions wor but now, not working Any idea how to check why? The shop is on Woocommerce and plugin is active
  7. But now clicking in affiliate link gives nothing. No counts
  8. Yes, thats exactly what was needed, thanks a lot
  9. Hi, Actually, you can still do that with JE Suite. What you will have to do is first create multiple blog groups in Content Media > Blog Posts > Blog Groups. You can then set specific content to be restricted to a certain blog groups, in the Blog's details page, under Options > Visibility > Restrict to Blog Groups. Once you have set that, create a Membership / subscription product, and under the Options tab, you can set the Add To Blog Group option, so that when someone purchases this subscription, they are set to be a part of that particular blog group, giving them ac
  10. Hi, Seems that there was an issue with the code. It's been updated so you should be all good. 😀
  11. You will need to edit the program offer in the admin area, under Program Offers > Manage Program Offers > Edit, then set the Landing Page Url on the Program Info tab to set the landing page. That is where the user will be redirected to whenever he/she clicks on an affiliate link. Hope that helps. 😀
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  13. Appreciate these are Rooky mistakes but its all new to me. I have done all below but its still not working. What are obvious things to you guys that I'm missing? I've put in a support ticket to JROX yesterday 'high' but had no reply. Appreciate some help - thank you Permissions in your PayPal account. To do this follow the steps below: Log in to your PayPal account. Click on the cog icon in the top menu, followed by "Account Settings" Select "Website Payments" from the left-hand menu. Click "Up
  14. Hi, I have selected my payment gateway (paypal) but when I go to check out it comes up with an error and won't proceed. The error is: An Error Was Encountered Sorry, but there was an error processing your request... I can not see how to correct this.... Can anyone help? Thank you
  15. But that's not what I expect. I would like to be able to decide which member level can see different content. In version Jem 2.xxx I could choose between Enable Affiliate Group Permissions ... Yes or No or Restrict Access To ?????? or Require Membership To Access .... Yes or No and then choose a membership I miss all of that. The absence of these components makes the eCommerce Suite actually for me useless. Very sad that Jem 2.0 was not adapted for php 7.2 and higher. Everything that is missing here was there.
  16. Based on your reply, you either did not read my entire post or you just don't understand. The JAM installation guide cannot help because I don't need instructions to install (this is a restore issue not a new installation issue). I need help to restore/transfer JAM form an old server to a new server (to keep all files and customizations). Please, if you don't know what I'm talking about, can you please escalate this to the next level support (although this should be an easy resolution). My previous post has 2 specific questions I would like answered (that cannot be answered
  17. Hi, the installation guide for JAM is here: https://jam.jrox.com/kb/article/3/installation-guide-for-affiliate-manager.php
  18. Hello I had JAM installed on my domain (still own the domain name) a few years ago and I downloaded the database backup as well as the files. I no longer have access to the old web server it was hosted on. I would like help on uploading/installing all of the files and database backup to the new server. I know I will have to use FTP to upload the files however I'm not sure if I should do a fresh new install first, then replace the new files with my old files via FTP or if I should upload my old files first, then start the install. Also regarding the database, I don't know if I should l
  19. OK, after some time I slowly get it. So more specific question. I have affiliate link https://partner.domain.com/nick/ where domain.com is domain of shop, partner.domain.com is domain of JAM (subdomain of shop URL) and nick is affiliate. How to point it to shop domain not to JAM subdomain?
  20. Hi, I've just installed JAM on subdomain of shop. All works. Installed plugin on WP to integrate JAM installation with Woo. Done. How to connect those two? Have newly created affiliate and whant to check if all works. How to generate link? Any link to exact examples / docs? thanks in advance
  21. You can require content to be viewed by registered users by setting the visibility setting in the Blog's details page, under Options > Visibility > Require Registration
  22. I miss the way for the setting Restrict Access To ..... Where can I find the option to only release my content for subscribers.
  23. Hi, If you want to import data, I suggest exporting a file from eCommerce Suite first, so you can get the correct CSV format to template. You can then use that as the file to import into eCommerce Suite. Also, if you need to migrate from JEM to eCommerce Suite, we have a beta migration tool that we are testing. Send in a request to the help desk if you want to try it out.
  24. I have been trying to import members from JEM into the new eCommerce Suite cutting data down to first name, last name and email address in a comma separated text file. Everything goes well until the last step where I get an "internal server error" message. I cannot find any errors in the txt file so I am stuck here.
  25. You can also disable thumbnails in Settings > Media tab > Images Tab > Use Thumbnails On Products
  26. check if there are thumbs generated in /images/thumbs/products folder.
  27. You can enable the built in limited time offer timer in the products' details page, under the Availabilty tab > Limited Time Offer
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