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  2. Working on it. Got started with dutch translations and it looks very promising. I do hope that we can help each other to solve a bunch of bugs. This suite is like a huge step forward in e-commerce, it's so promising but there still are quite a bunch of issues to solved. I will log all the issues that I come across that needs attention or a solution.
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  4. Hi, Here's the .htaccess file we have attached. .htaccess
  5. Hi, unfortunately, we don't have any language packs available right now. We just released JE Suite, so hopefully we will have some soon. If you do translations, let us know. maybe we can do a deal or something... 😀
  6. of course i do. what would be the generic one for this?
  7. Ok, I found it. Are there any language packages available yet or do I need to translate myself?
  8. the languages option is in Localization > Languages.
  9. I have been using JEM from many years now and I have pretty much found my way around. So I was quite excited to discover the new version which looks very promising. I have downloaded and installed the free version to explore all new features but unfortunately I can't find the most important feature for use here in Europe, adding languages. Is this a hidden option or coming soon?
  10. Hi, Please download the updated version, as your points are all working in the most current version. thanks.
  11. OUTSTANDING CHECKLIST (HOPEFULLY GETTING FIXED IN NEXT UPDATE) AND FURTHER ITEMS 11. Add Region Button Could not add region. 17. User Contact Page / Map Having 2 or more store locations did not enable map. 21. Image Manager Not Showing Image Files Example of issue. Image Manager Folder comes with 4 "product" images. If you upload via the image manager (or via FileZilla), any further images, then both old and new images can no longer be seen in the manager. Files upload successfully, but are invisible to the image manager. 22. Login Page Please add "stay logged in" button. 23. Products / Manage Products / Product edit / Media Download Files / Max Downloads User If a laptop screen is zoomed in (e.g. 125%), then the number in this box becomes invisible or unreadable. 24. Products / Manage Products / Type No obvious option to assign or set product "Types"; i.e. Physical, Digital, Subscription. 25. Orders / Manage Subscriptions / View Subscriptions / Create Subscription button Clicking the button goes to a "Create order" page /jroxadmin/orders/create/ No obvious means of setting up a subscription. 26. Payment Module / PayPal - Not Working This module should be simple enough. Email, Client ID and Secret. However, when a customer tries to make a purchase, at "Payment Info" (tab 3), the system gets stuck and just says "please wait...". Hopefully, with this lot fixed, and no doubt some other items you are working on, you will have a product ready for release. Thanks David
  12. looks like there is an issue with the .htaccess rewrite rules, did you have the .htaccess file in your /affiliates folder?
  13. Ithis way it does show the main page. I have changed the url in the integration code to include index.php , but i am getting the same error on purchase.
  14. this way it does show the main page.
  15. when you add images to products? are you not able to upload those either?
  16. Thanks David, We'll be reviewing this and adding to the to do list as needed. 😀
  17. try https://website.com/affiliates/index.php/sale/amount/56.8177/trans_id/19775/tracking_code/1-1-someone-KJA9FRZRB7S3IPL
  18. first, try running the URL in your browser directly to make sure it works: https://website.com/affiliates/sale/amount/56.8177/trans_id/19775/tracking_code/1-1-someone-KJA9FRZRB7S3IPL
  19. Thank you for helping to resolve that issue. It got me further. Now i am testing the integration. As customer i click on the link and made a purchase. checkout/success page showed error on top of the page: Warning: file_get_contents (https://website.com/affiliates/sale/amount/56.8177/trans_id/19775/tracking_code/1-1-someone-KJA9FRZRB7S3IPL): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in /home/someplace/public_html/store/system/storage/modification/catalog/controller/checkout/success.php on line 178 And this is what i have on line 178 there: $aff_integrate = file_get_contents('https://website.com/affiliates/sale/amount/' . $aff_data['total'] . '/trans_id/' . $this->session->data['order_id'] . '/tracking_code/' . $_COOKIE['jamcom']); (website.com is edited of course)
  20. if you disable strict mode, it won't mess anything else up, as it just removes those rules that cause those errors. it won't add any new errors.
  21. thank you for your reply. I looked at that article and looked in my db . If i will change this, will this throw anything off in my other working database there, such online store database? this is what i have there: STRICT_TRANS_TABLES,NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION
  22. Hi, This looks like you have strict mode enabled in MySQL. Please turn it off. Here's some tips on how to do that: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37964325/how-to-find-and-disable-mysql-strict-mode
  23. Trying to test this software. Added a tex link for one user. Clicking on that link shoes error. What would this error mean? Error Number: 1055 Expression #79 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column 'something_affiliate.jam_members_photos.photo_id' which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by SELECT `jam_members`.*, `jam_members`.`member_id` as `mid`, `jam_members_photos`.*, `jam_members_groups`.`group_id` FROM `jam_members` LEFT JOIN `jam_members_photos` ON `jam_members`.`member_id` = `jam_members_photos`.`member_id` LEFT JOIN `jam_members_groups` ON `jam_members`.`member_id` = `jam_members_groups`.`member_id` WHERE `jam_members`.`username` = 'someusername' AND `status` = '1' GROUP BY `jam_members`.`member_id` Filename: models/Affiliate_marketing_model.php Line Number: 373
  24. If you have questions about this video, please post it on this thread. Thanks.
  25. If you have questions about this video, just post them in this thread. Thanks
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