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  4. I have confirmed that the confirmation email was not sent. It is not in SPAM folder and was not logged via email archive. The only emails that were sent were 1) Email to admin telling me of new account created and 2) Email to affiliate after I approved the account. No confirmation was email was ever sent when both "require email confirmation on signup" AND "require admin approval on signup" are enabled.
  5. email confirmation is sent first. Please check the SPAM folders and your Email Archive to make sure it was sent.
  6. Hello, I have global setting set to: "require email confirmation on signup" AND "require admin approval on signup". On new affiliate signup, I had to approve account (as expected), however the affiliate never had to confirm their email (they never receive any email until account is approved by admin). I expected that when user created account that, they would first have to confirm signup, then after they validate, the admin would approve the account. What appears to happen is that if "require admin approval" is on, it overrides the "require email confirmation". Am I seeing
  7. you can edit the template for the dashboard in /application/views/members/tpl_members_dashboard.php
  8. Is there a config setting to disable Affiliate referrals, or do I need to edit templates? I would like to disable Affiliate referrals to eliminate these items from Affiliate dashboard: - Affiliate signup link - Quick Stats sidebar -> Affiliate referrals total
  9. Understood. My concern is that the url sent to file_get_contents($url) is basically public knowledge. So if someone was to call the url directly, that they could possibly trigger a commission. I realize there is an order_id query within the implementation code on successful checkout page, but it still seems as though a script could send random order id's directly to a "good guess" of the commission trigger url. To alleviate my concerns, I have set the global configuration setting for "restrict commission generation to IP" to the static ip of my installation. This solves my perceived
  10. that function should only be called after the sale of your product. Normally, in a shopping cart or payment page, the thank you page where that function is called can only run once. If the user refreshes it, the page should be redirected back to your home page or somewhere else, so that the checkout processes themselves are not duplicated. This goes for the JAM integration code as well.
  11. As I understand, automated affiliate tracking is accomplished by calling: $aff_integrate = file_get_contents('http://www.yourdomain.com/affiliates/sale/amount/' . $sub_total['value'] . '/trans_id/' . $this->session->data['order_id'] . '/tracking_code/' . $_COOKIE['jamcom']); It would seem that any affiliate that knows the url scheme can simply add a `value` and `trans_id` with the cookie value and call it from a web browser. If that's true, How do we prevent abuse? If not, then why can I call a file and generate multiple commissions with the same cookie? For example
  12. the installer is located in /yourdomain.com/install just append /install to the folder your uploaded. JROX uses URL rewrites
  13. Hello how do i Install without install folder? Same problem is there any soloution?
  14. Hello dear members of the community I am having a problem with the multilingual option of the site, regarding the display of titles, on the product description page. In fact, in the store, product titles are normally displayed in the active language. However, when the customer leaves the store to go to the product description page, the product title changes from the active language to the English language, although the rest of the site still displays in the active language. Has anyone faced such a problem before, how to solve it? How to display on the product description pages
  15. Hi, you will need to edit the /application/config/config.php and database.php files for the correct details.
  16. Hello, I'm renaming my website from blainesPARTYnetwork.net to blainesTRAVELnetwork.net I copied the "affiliates" folder to blainesTRAVELnetwork.net. I want to use the same DATABASE and same Username & Password. I searched for instructions on how to do this, but, could not find any. What files do I need to open in the "affiliates" folder and what do I need to change in each? Thanks in advance for your help, Blaine Klingaman
  17. Is there a walkthrough on how to use the replicated pages capability of JAM? Where do you set the replication url? Thanks in advance.
  18. It appears that setting 1-st and 3-rd options to "true" resolved the problem. ########################## ## URL AND SSL SETTINGS ## ########################## //SPECIFY WHETHER TO USE SSL FOR ADMIN AREA define("USE_SSL_ADMIN_AREA", true); //SET TO "true" TO USE SSL //SET TO true TO USE A SHARED SSL CERTIFICATE FOR THE ADMIN AREA define("USE_SHARED_CERT_ADMIN", false); //SPECIFY WHETHER TO USE SSL FOR MEMBERS AREA define("USE_SSL_MEMBERS_AREA", true); //SET TO "true" TO USE SSL __________________________________________________________________________________
  20. Thank you for your suggestion. I assume you are talking about /affiliates/includes/config.php. There is nothing like $config['base_url', but there is no http, last year everything was changed to https. Please review section below. I am checking with my provider if I have SSL CERTIFICATE or SHARED SSL CERTIFICATE. Can be this an issue? ########################## ## URL AND SSL SETTINGS ## ########################## //SPECIFY WHETHER TO USE HTTP:// OR HTTPS:// FOR AFFILIATE LINKS define("HTTP_TRANSPORT", "https://"); //SPECIFY WHETHER TO USE SSL FOR ADMIN
  21. you should look inside the config.php in /application/config folder and change the $config['base_url'] to be https
  22. Hi, First off, please review the beginners guide and the knowledgebase here: https://my.jrox.com/index.php/knowledgebase Please watch the videos on how to use JE Suite. https://www.jrox.com/help-and-support
  23. Hi i am new how can i use this jrox for e commerce ?
  24. Hello, We noticed just recently that on login a new Warning shows up: "this form is not secure. autofill has been turned off" We have SSL Certificate on website and it is working fine. However we suspect that our version of Affiliate Manager is too old and everything is http instead of https. Any suggestions to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated? Thank you.
  25. Hi, Send in your issue to the help desk so we can investigate further. https://my.jrox.com
  26. Done that for like 20 times already, same issue. What's weird is that the installation works on my local machine with no errors whatsoever. It's only when I install it on our live site that the error happens. It installs fine, but after installation when it redirects you to the login page for the first time, I get the http error 500.
  27. Looks like not all files were up loaded. Try reuploading all files again. Then do the install.
  28. Thanks for the reply.. I made the changes you suggested but there was no changes on the browser, it still shows an ".. currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500". I opened the error log, please see attached image:
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