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  3. Hi, Please submit a help desk ticket so we can check this further.
  4. Yes all pending commissions were approved before trying to use the paypal mass payment feature.
  5. WOW are all of Jrox's sick leave? Don't hope, just that would be the only explanation why there is no more support here.
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  7. Southwest Airlines is The world's largest low-cost carrier Airlines more than 100 destinations with flights to 41 US states, Checked baggage / hold luggage policy, checked pieces of baggage per ticketed Customer allowed, Baggage Screening and Identification, Baggage Allowance, Excess Baggage, Liability, Claims and more.
  8. Hi, did you approve all pending commissions first?
  9. Where and how can I prevent the top menu box from being permanently visible. I would like to have the top menu without animation at the top of the page.
  10. If I click Affiliate Payments there are two options: PayPal Mass Payment and Print Affiliate Invoice If I click Get Started for either of those, then fill in details, there is a db error: e.g. PayPal: Error Number: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 8 SELECT DISTINCT member_id as id, (SELECT CONCAT(fname,' ',lname, '|',payment_name,'|',paypal_id,'|',payment_preference_amount) as name FROM jam_members WHERE member_id = id) as payment_name, (SELECT SUM(commission_amo
  11. How can Subscription Products be configured so that reoccurring payments occur automatically ? The objective is to configure the EC Suite so that once a customer starts a subscription, payment should occur automatically. Otherwise a customer just gets sent an invoice at the end of every period (e.g. each month) which may or may not get paid. There must, or needs to be, a way of doing this ?
  12. did the installation complete successfully?
  13. Thanks for the location of: default_site_builder.tpl However, it does not look like the correct .tpl file for adding script files to a Site Builder generated page. By comparison, to add script to a non-site builder page, it can be done via Admin Menu / Design Layout / Layouts and Themes / Templates Manager / Site Pages / site_page.tpl OR Blog / blog_post.tpl In this case adding script files that enable VideoJS such as: <link href="{{base_url}}videojs/skins/videojs.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> Where would I find the appropriate Site Builder page .tpl file (or equiv
  14. Hello, Thank you for answer Yes, and now I get an error "1146" it says 'The table doesnt exist'
  15. Hi, you can edit the members dashboard in JAM under /application/views/members/tpl_members_dashboard.php
  16. Google still supports V2 of Google ReCAPTCHA, just make sure to select V2 when creating a new site for it.
  17. did you check the system requirements and make sure your host has all of them?
  18. site builder locks are all dynamic. you can edit the main tpl files for it in /application/views/site/site_pages/default_site_builder.tpl
  19. Where are the site builder .tpl files called, and where are they located ? I successfully added some <script> to the standard blog pages via: blog/blog_post.tpl But cant seem to find the equivalent .tpl files for site builder pages.
  20. Hello I downloaded Jam, but when I fhinish to fill up the Database info in the "Application Installer" section, I clik to continue and then the program send me to white site and nothing happen. This is the link where I get stuck into this white site; mydomain/Affiliate/install/index.php?step=2 Seomone know how can I fix this? Thanks.
  21. Hi does anyone else have problem setting up google recapcha? I notice that the e-commerce uses Google v2 capcha but it is no longer available and I am using the enterprise version. I have the keys and java script as well but not a clue where to enter the java?. I have requested jrox support but no answers from them either, where do we go from here? It is crazy having an ecommerce systems without any creator support?. Can anyone help please?
  22. Hi! Is there an easy or accessible way to edit the Member's Dashboard view? I would like to add some info and links, and remove some elements on it. Please help, thanks!
  23. go to the settings > security > captcha tab and enter the captcha token and secret there. You can get those from Google Recaptcha https://www.google.com/recaptcha
  24. I am getting robotic signups and want to add capcha to my site but do not know how.
  25. the product links are hard coded in already, however, you can use the link tracker to generate shorter URLs if you want. You can also use the direct to cart link on the options tab on the product's details page.
  26. Is there a way to shorten a product url once the product has been created? At this stage I have a product url that looks like this... https://www.my-domain.com/product/details/5-program-the-core-program/ I would like this to be something short like... https://www.my-domain.com/product/core01/ Thank you. :-)
  27. Apologies. In JAM, if you enable admin approval, that won't send out the email confirmation anymore. You must manually approve the user. In eCommerce Suite, both emails are sent.
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