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  2. Hi Thanks for resolving this issue. Everything is working fine. Thank you for the support.
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  6. Hi Thank you for the heads-up! Is it possible to have e-mail templates in multiple languages? So that affiliates who have configured, say, German, get German e-mails and affiliates who have configured English get English E-Mails? Thank you! Best regards, Roland
  7. Hi, The JAM FAQ does not have an option for showing different languages at this time. I suggest using a tool like Google Translate bar, and add it to the main page for users to be able to translate. We do that on our home page: https://jam.jrox.com
  8. Hi, I would like to have the FAQ for my affiliate program in two languages (German and English). I have already enabled multiple-language support by setting German as the second language; it works: as an affiliate, I can switch the language to German and have most of the website switch to German. How can I enter German and English language texts for an FAQ article? When I edit an FAQ article, there are no language selection switches. Thank you very much for your help! Best regards, Roland
  9. Hi, Thank you for your support. But it does not work. I have done this several times. I have submitted a help desk ticket: Ticket # 251858-9286 - ISSUE: Invalid Key. Please Login Thanks for your help
  10. Hi, Try logging off and logging back in to see if that is an issue. If that does not work, please submit a help desk ticket.
  11. Good morning all! I am having an issue with eCommerce suite. I receive the message "Invalid Key. Please Login" each time I attempt to upload any image to the website From the admin dashboard. I can't upload any image, none of the items below work: Gallery Photo - Product Images - User image - Category Image - Banner Page Image - Brand Banner - Brand Image - simple slide show - Background Image - advanced slide show Background Image. Can anyone help me?
  12. what version of JAM are you running? version 3.1 supports PHP 7
  13. Yes, JAM 3.1 supports PHP up to 7.3
  14. JE Suite uses URL rewrite, so there is no /install folder there at all.
  15. you need to install using the /install folder not /install_files
  16. Hi, I just tested it on a basic site page and a blog page, and it loads an MP4 ,just fine when you copy and paste it in the HTML source of the WYSIWYG editor under Page Content. The sample MP4 we loaded was: https://file-examples-com.github.io/uploads/2017/04/file_example_MP4_480_1_5MG.mp4 What version of JE Suite are you using?
  17. Hello JROX, Two things I noticed... in the uploaded eCommerce folder there was no folder named "install" but there was one named "install_files" I tried opening "http://domain.com/partypoints/giftmall-jrox/install_files/" and the resulting page was blank white and with the words: "Directory access is forbidden" in the top left corner of the page. I also wanted to see what would happened if I tried to open: "http://domain.com/partypoints/giftmall-jrox/" and the page was NOT FOUND. What is happening, or not happening? Blaine.
  18. Look under "Settings/Manage Languages" in the top right corner menu
  19. Hi, My current installation is using php56 and works fine, but I am moving to a new server and the php will be php73. To try and avoid any issues with the move to a new server, I tested the install after changing to php73 on existing install, but I am getting an error on all pages. This page isn’t working www.tripenterprises.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 How can I fix this? Thanks.
  20. My JAM details are Affiliate Manager Version : 3.1.0 php version : 5.6.40 mysql version : 5.5.5-10.2.36-MariaDB Since php version is stated as 5.6.40, does this support php 7?
  21. In both cases I have problems with video playback. Whatever I do, the following keeps coming up: <video controls = "controls" width = "800" height = "400"> </video> This appears when I insert a video with ---Insert - Media and then paste the video from ./images/uploads/media/xxxxx.mp4 for example . When I integrate the video using the following html codes: <div><video preload="metadata" autoplay="autoplay" controls="controls" width="100%" height="auto"> <source src="https://domain.com/images/uploads/media/welcome.webm"
  22. Thanks for the feedback. This feature is already been added to the to do list for a future update. Much like other software applications, we do plan on making updates and new features available as time goes by. If you have other features you would like to suggest, please do.
  23. That is very, very bad and not fully thought through. How are customers supposed to find their way around quickly when there are thousands of posts. As a customer, I would probably leave the website in such a situation and look elsewhere. I am more and more convinced that this software will be an eternal construction site because something is missing over and over again. This is very sad, especially when you had with Jem 2.xxxx software that worked well. At the moment only the multilingualism of the software is really positive.
  24. Hi, Blogs currently don't have subcategories. It allows for top level categories at this time. You can setup different blog tags if you wish.
  25. Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by PDF, but you can include payment instructions for offline payment for the checks payment gateway module. You can rename it to be anything else you want, then enter the instructions for offline payment in the Instructions field.
  26. Where can I set up subcategories for my blog? Or is that not planned? If not, there will be a lot of confusion for admins. For example, a car repair category brings together many different sub-categories such as engine, transmission, body, and more. So how and where can I make settings for subcategories? Thanks for your help and support.
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