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  7. I use to be able to have a members area using the replicated pages. but now i don't see that option. is it still available. I have products / pages that i only want members to see. I tried to use the blog feature to accomplish this but then i can only specify one group per client and i need them to pay for multiple products and i don't see any way to do that.
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  9. you need to go into settings > marketing > network marketing to enable all the levels up to 10
  10. After purchasing the Forced Matrix License, how do you enable network marketing levels ?
  11. Hello, When an affiliate login to the Dashboard page, all of the content of the "member content" page is being displayed (when scrolling down) and the "read more" link is also being displayed (redundant). Only an "Excerpt" of the pages are supposed to be displaying on the Dashboard page. I don't see anywhere in the "Update Content Article" section where I can fix this. How to make only the "excerpt" of the member pages show on the Dashboard page?
  12. it will only work on domain 1 as it requires first party cookie tracking.
  13. JROX is installed on DOMAIN1. Does the affiliate tracking work on DOMAIN2, if I paste the generic tracking pixel in DOMAIN2?
  14. Things to do in Delhi escorts as a single

    Delhi escorts has a lot of activities for single people. It can be difficult to know what to do when you’re on your own. Below are some ideas to get you started:

    Go to the movies: Delhi escorts has an enormous number of cinemas and they show films around the clock! You will never run out of things to watch in the big city! All tickets cost about $15 per movie and all cinemas have free parking in their underground carparks (except Palace Verona, which is located at Kings Cross).   There’s also the option of seeing a film in another language – most Hindi or Chinese cinemas also offer English subtitles.

    Visit Taronga Zoo: If you like animals, then a visit to Taronga Zoo is a must! The price is $69 for adults and it’s located in Mosman. You also have the option of getting there by ferry – it only takes 10 minutes. It’s one of Delhi escorts’s most popular attractions so it can get crowded, but if you buy tickets online before going, you’ll save around $10.   There are even busking street performers which will entertain you during your wait! (For more on this theme: click me )

    Visit Darling Harbour: This place is always bustling with people and activities and is close to the city centre (it’s on the route of all ferries). It has everything from shopping malls to museums, restaurants and cafes. A must-see!

    Take a cooking class: If you’re a foodie or you simply want to learn more about the culinary arts, why not take a cooking class? This is a great way to meet new people and will liven up your dinner parties for sure!

    Go bar crawling: Delhi escorts has many bars with very good atmospheres. Go from one to another and try out different drinks until you’ve found your favourite place and then go back there whenever you feel like it. You’ll never be bored again!

    Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens: The gardens are close to the city centre and feature more than 1,700 different species of plant life. It’s free on Tuesdays if you get there before 5 pm.

    There’s also a little train that takes you around the park.

    Go to a theatre show: It doesn’t matter whether it be drama, dance or music – there is always something going on at one of Delhi escorts’s many theatres. And they’re all within walking distance from each other so you don’t have to travel far! Everything costs under $100 and some shows even give discounts if you arrive early on the night of the performance.

    Go to an exhibition: Delhi escorts’s many art galleries and museums always have fantastic exhibitions on which will make for great outings. Check out what’s on when you’re in the city and go see something interesting (most exhibitions cost around $20, unless they’re free). Art collectors can buy pieces in some galleries.   Museums also host special events like family day activities – check them out! A popular museum with particularly good events is The Australian Museum.

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  16. can we integrate affiliate with custom payment gateway?
  17. open up the /application/config/config.php file and edit: $config['sess_match_ip'] = TRUE; change to: $config['sess_match_ip'] = FALSE;
  18. Hello, I was able to install the script and also for test purpose signed an affiliate account, but whenever I click any button or need to take an action I am redirected back to sign up page and have to sign again. Then again if I take another action again I am redirected back to sign up page. Please help
  19. hbomax com tvsignin lets you stream content on three different devices online, which means you can share it with family and friends. By contrast, Netflix lets you watch on multiple screens if you pay for the Standard (2 screens) or Premium plan (4 screens). https://Hbomaxcom-tvsignin.com
  20. How can we solve the errors as attached. It seems that the tables can't be created during installation all though the new database seems to be correct.
  21. Is your latest software supported by PHP 8
  22. Hi, can you share how were you able to resolve this issue? Thanks!
  23. You can submit a ticket to the help desk. My.jrox.com
  24. Do you have somebody to install your software. I tried several times but it seems impossible. Please send me a PM.
  25. https://www.free-online-converters.com/tag/feet-per-hour-per-second-into-kilometers-per-hour-squared

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