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  1. Hi, To enable pay per sale, you must integrate JAM with whatever shopping cart or payment gateway you are using. Some system integration docs are here: http://jam.jrox.com/kb/category/6/system-integration.php
  2. Hi, Please send in your request to the help desk so we can verify this https://my.jrox.com
  3. Hi, This document is for the JROX eCommerce Suite. Did you install that?
  4. Hi, If you just installed the software, you should have been given the admin URL, username and password once the installation process was finished. JROX eCommerce Suite generates unique admin login URLs for security. Did you not save the URL? If you do not remember, you will have to login to your hosting account and view the file in /application/config/config.php. Near the bottom, you'll see the admin login folder path. Append that to your domain name to login to the admin side.
  5. send in a ticket to the help desk so we can help further investigate. https://my.jrox.com
  6. Hi, I just visited your page, and it loads just fine. are you saying that you can reach the page, but when you login with your username/password, it gets redirected?
  7. Hi, You are using JROX eCommerce Suite, which by default randomized the admin login page for security reasons. Cristian is using JROX Affiliate Manager, which is a different application... 😀
  8. the referral bonus is applied immediately, not when they reach any payout threshold. However, it is up to you when you pay them, so if you give a referral amount of $20, but the threshold is $100, then they still have to get $80 in commissions before you send them an payment.
  9. Hi, currently, the language files for JROX eCommerce Suite is english only.
  10. Hi, try going to: https://yourdomain.com/affiliates/index.php/admin_login to see if that works.
  11. JROX eCommerce Suite is available for download. This new application platform will allow you to setup your own eCommerce Store, complete with Affiliate Marketing, Blog, CMS, Help Desk and Online Store. Download it and see for your self today: https://www.jrox.com
  12. also make sure that the .htaccess has been uploaded to the folder correctly.
  13. try accessing it using the index.php file, for instance: https://www.domain.com/affiliates/index.php/admin_login
  14. you need to set a temporary domain in your hosts file, something like: www.testdomain.com Then install it using that domain. You need a valid domain so that session cookies are properly set for authentication when you login to administer the app.
  15. you can still install it on localhost, you can just setup a test domain name and add it to your hosts file on your PC.
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