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  1. Hi, If you want to import data, I suggest exporting a file from eCommerce Suite first, so you can get the correct CSV format to template. You can then use that as the file to import into eCommerce Suite. Also, if you need to migrate from JEM to eCommerce Suite, we have a beta migration tool that we are testing. Send in a request to the help desk if you want to try it out.
  2. You can also disable thumbnails in Settings > Media tab > Images Tab > Use Thumbnails On Products
  3. check if there are thumbs generated in /images/thumbs/products folder.
  4. You can enable the built in limited time offer timer in the products' details page, under the Availabilty tab > Limited Time Offer
  5. You can set a height by changing the CSS class for .slide-item in style.css for your theme. You can also set it in Design Layout > Layout and Themes > Logo and Themes > Custom CSS tab. .slide-item { min-height: 700px; }
  6. To use a theme, first click on 'Activate' to make it the selected theme in Design Layout > Layout andThemes > Logos and Themes, for it to be used. Afterwards, refresh your browser.
  7. Click on the Shipping Zones tab to add different flat fee shipping amounts to different zones.
  8. In the Products > Manage Products Categories, you can click on the blue icon to view items by category. You can do the same thing in Product Brands, and Suppliers and Attributes.
  9. did you upload to the /images/uploads/products folder for products? you can also upload images through the admin dashboard, under Content Media > Image Manager.
  10. you can view products by category by going to yourdomain.com/products/categories/ and yourdomain.com/brands
  11. Do you want to resize the image or the actual slide? You can edit the template itself in /application/views/site/global/slideshows.tpl
  12. JEM is discontinued and JROX eCommerce Suite is the replacement. If you need help migrating, send in a help desk ticket. https://my.jrox.com
  13. Did it show up in the themes panel? It should show up in the themes panel if it was unzipped properly in your system. If not, you can unzip manually and upload it to the /themes/site folder.
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