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  1. Hi, Please submit a help desk ticket so we can check this further.
  2. Hi, did you approve all pending commissions first?
  3. did the installation complete successfully?
  4. Hi, you can edit the members dashboard in JAM under /application/views/members/tpl_members_dashboard.php
  5. Google still supports V2 of Google ReCAPTCHA, just make sure to select V2 when creating a new site for it.
  6. did you check the system requirements and make sure your host has all of them?
  7. site builder locks are all dynamic. you can edit the main tpl files for it in /application/views/site/site_pages/default_site_builder.tpl
  8. go to the settings > security > captcha tab and enter the captcha token and secret there. You can get those from Google Recaptcha https://www.google.com/recaptcha
  9. the product links are hard coded in already, however, you can use the link tracker to generate shorter URLs if you want. You can also use the direct to cart link on the options tab on the product's details page.
  10. Apologies. In JAM, if you enable admin approval, that won't send out the email confirmation anymore. You must manually approve the user. In eCommerce Suite, both emails are sent.
  11. email confirmation is sent first. Please check the SPAM folders and your Email Archive to make sure it was sent.
  12. you can edit the template for the dashboard in /application/views/members/tpl_members_dashboard.php
  13. that function should only be called after the sale of your product. Normally, in a shopping cart or payment page, the thank you page where that function is called can only run once. If the user refreshes it, the page should be redirected back to your home page or somewhere else, so that the checkout processes themselves are not duplicated. This goes for the JAM integration code as well.
  14. the installer is located in /yourdomain.com/install just append /install to the folder your uploaded. JROX uses URL rewrites
  15. Hi, you will need to edit the /application/config/config.php and database.php files for the correct details.
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