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  1. Hi, Actually, you can still do that with JE Suite. What you will have to do is first create multiple blog groups in Content Media > Blog Posts > Blog Groups. You can then set specific content to be restricted to a certain blog groups, in the Blog's details page, under Options > Visibility > Restrict to Blog Groups. Once you have set that, create a Membership / subscription product, and under the Options tab, you can set the Add To Blog Group option, so that when someone purchases this subscription, they are set to be a part of that particular blog group, giving them ac
  2. Hi, Seems that there was an issue with the code. It's been updated so you should be all good. 😀
  3. You will need to edit the program offer in the admin area, under Program Offers > Manage Program Offers > Edit, then set the Landing Page Url on the Program Info tab to set the landing page. That is where the user will be redirected to whenever he/she clicks on an affiliate link. Hope that helps. 😀
  4. Hi, the installation guide for JAM is here: https://jam.jrox.com/kb/article/3/installation-guide-for-affiliate-manager.php
  5. You can require content to be viewed by registered users by setting the visibility setting in the Blog's details page, under Options > Visibility > Require Registration
  6. Hi, If you want to import data, I suggest exporting a file from eCommerce Suite first, so you can get the correct CSV format to template. You can then use that as the file to import into eCommerce Suite. Also, if you need to migrate from JEM to eCommerce Suite, we have a beta migration tool that we are testing. Send in a request to the help desk if you want to try it out.
  7. You can also disable thumbnails in Settings > Media tab > Images Tab > Use Thumbnails On Products
  8. check if there are thumbs generated in /images/thumbs/products folder.
  9. You can enable the built in limited time offer timer in the products' details page, under the Availabilty tab > Limited Time Offer
  10. You can set a height by changing the CSS class for .slide-item in style.css for your theme. You can also set it in Design Layout > Layout and Themes > Logo and Themes > Custom CSS tab. .slide-item { min-height: 700px; }
  11. To use a theme, first click on 'Activate' to make it the selected theme in Design Layout > Layout andThemes > Logos and Themes, for it to be used. Afterwards, refresh your browser.
  12. Click on the Shipping Zones tab to add different flat fee shipping amounts to different zones.
  13. In the Products > Manage Products Categories, you can click on the blue icon to view items by category. You can do the same thing in Product Brands, and Suppliers and Attributes.
  14. did you upload to the /images/uploads/products folder for products? you can also upload images through the admin dashboard, under Content Media > Image Manager.
  15. you can view products by category by going to yourdomain.com/products/categories/ and yourdomain.com/brands
  16. Do you want to resize the image or the actual slide? You can edit the template itself in /application/views/site/global/slideshows.tpl
  17. JEM is discontinued and JROX eCommerce Suite is the replacement. If you need help migrating, send in a help desk ticket. https://my.jrox.com
  18. Did it show up in the themes panel? It should show up in the themes panel if it was unzipped properly in your system. If not, you can unzip manually and upload it to the /themes/site folder.
  19. Hi, Which performance bonuses are you referring to? There are a few options for performance rewards. You can go to: Affiliate Marketing > Commission Rules Promotions > Loyalty Rewards Settings > Marketing > Performance Each option is a bit different Commission Rules Allows you to set rewards based on volume of sales / referrals / commissions Loyalty Rewards Give users a points incentive for signing up for site. Points can then be redeemed for gift certificates later. Performance Tab in Settings Give users and their ref
  20. To update currencies, just set another currency as default, then click back to your currency to update to the latest currency rates.
  21. Hi, We currently don't have a direct script for migrating JEM to JROX eCommerce Suite as that is a completely different product. If you need help, please submit a support request and we can help you with migration.
  22. You can edit the footer template in /views/site/global/footer_menu.tpl
  23. Hi, Right now, there are no direct marketing channels for those with JROX. You can, however, set up shipping using flat rate or unit based modules, and also setup Easypost for calculating shipping rates and generating postage.
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