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  1. Hi, The JAM FAQ does not have an option for showing different languages at this time. I suggest using a tool like Google Translate bar, and add it to the main page for users to be able to translate. We do that on our home page: https://jam.jrox.com
  2. Hi, Try logging off and logging back in to see if that is an issue. If that does not work, please submit a help desk ticket.
  3. what version of JAM are you running? version 3.1 supports PHP 7
  4. Yes, JAM 3.1 supports PHP up to 7.3
  5. JE Suite uses URL rewrite, so there is no /install folder there at all.
  6. you need to install using the /install folder not /install_files
  7. Hi, I just tested it on a basic site page and a blog page, and it loads an MP4 ,just fine when you copy and paste it in the HTML source of the WYSIWYG editor under Page Content. The sample MP4 we loaded was: https://file-examples-com.github.io/uploads/2017/04/file_example_MP4_480_1_5MG.mp4 What version of JE Suite are you using?
  8. Thanks for the feedback. This feature is already been added to the to do list for a future update. Much like other software applications, we do plan on making updates and new features available as time goes by. If you have other features you would like to suggest, please do.
  9. Hi, Blogs currently don't have subcategories. It allows for top level categories at this time. You can setup different blog tags if you wish.
  10. Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by PDF, but you can include payment instructions for offline payment for the checks payment gateway module. You can rename it to be anything else you want, then enter the instructions for offline payment in the Instructions field.
  11. Hi, The system already requires users to confirm their email address when registering on your site. You can disable this in Settings > Site > Forms > Require Confirmation on Signup For Offline Payment, you can use the checks payment module in Settings > Manage Modules > Payment Gateways to enable offline payment.
  12. your config should be set to have the main domain, then a subdomain, so the tracking cookie can be set on the referring main domain. $config['base_domain_name'] = 'yourdomain.com'; $config['base_subdomain_name'] = 'partner';
  13. Hi, We have this as an article in the KB: https://my.jrox.com/index.php/knowledgebase/307/Setting-Up-a-Membership-Based-Online-Store.html
  14. Hi, This is a constant that should be defined in your /application/config/admin_defines.php file: define('IMG_RESIZE_OPTION', 'auto');
  15. Hi, Please submit a help desk ticket so we can check this for you.
  16. Hi, Please send in a help desk ticket so we can try and resolve this for you.
  17. Hi, Yes, Affiliate Manager is included in the eCommerce suite when you purchase it.
  18. make sure that the filename is correct with that of the subfolder and the file. subfolder_name/filename1.zip don't add any leading or ending slashes.
  19. Yes, strict mode should be disabled as some of the functionality won't work. If you need hosting, we do provide hosting for JAM and JE Suite as well.
  20. if you need to separate them by subfolder, just upload it to the subfolder via FTP, and set it as part of the filename: subfolder/file.zip If you sell downloads, make sure you enable the downloads icon in Design Layout > Site Layout > Dashboard icons, so the user can cilck on it in the members dashboard.
  21. If you sell downloads, make sure you enable the downloads icon in Design Layout > Site Layout > Dashboard icons, so the user can cilck on it in the members dashboard.
  22. Is this a link you created via the site menu? Send in a request to the help desk so we can check it out
  23. for files that are large, you can upload it via FTP to the upload folder on your site, and enter the file name when creating the download file in Content Media > Download Files
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