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  1. Hello I frequently encounter this error: "Invalid Key please login", and each time I have to disconnect and reconnect again, or submit a ticket. Can you please let us know how to solve this problem?
  2. Hello dear members of the community I am having a problem with the multilingual option of the site, regarding the display of titles, on the product description page. In fact, in the store, product titles are normally displayed in the active language. However, when the customer leaves the store to go to the product description page, the product title changes from the active language to the English language, although the rest of the site still displays in the active language. Has anyone faced such a problem before, how to solve it? How to display on the product description pages
  3. Hi Thanks for resolving this issue. Everything is working fine. Thank you for the support.
  4. Hi, Thank you for your support. But it does not work. I have done this several times. I have submitted a help desk ticket: Ticket # 251858-9286 - ISSUE: Invalid Key. Please Login Thanks for your help
  5. Good morning all! I am having an issue with eCommerce suite. I receive the message "Invalid Key. Please Login" each time I attempt to upload any image to the website From the admin dashboard. I can't upload any image, none of the items below work: Gallery Photo - Product Images - User image - Category Image - Banner Page Image - Brand Banner - Brand Image - simple slide show - Background Image - advanced slide show Background Image. Can anyone help me?
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