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  1. Anyone? I can't get it to show on emails or in the member area. The <. > doesn't bring it up
  2. jAM is giving commissions on shipping on my Opencart system (2.2.0) I've tried multiple things to fix it- nothing works. Anyone have a clue on how to adjust the code?? I need it only to issue comm in subtotal after coupons. No shipping. Code given by jrox to fix, aborted all comm.. And didn't work. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction!
  3. So the coding worked fine integrating to my open cart. But I noticed that it was giving commissions ON shipping and didnt take into account coupons. So Jrox gave me another code to add. Added that and now Im getting errors and it wont track sales. Can anyone advise me on what to do? Im dead in the water and I dont know how to fix this! Erros Im getting after adding their code on checkout success page: Warning: mysqli_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in /home/streetkt/public_html/shophodgepodge.com/catalog/controller/checkout/success.php on
  4. where would I add that? (as far as which page) Looked all over my files and cant figure where to add that code
  5. Well it seems this is only possible if the system is NOT set to manual approval. I would like some advise as to how to set this as manual approval, but still be redirected to purchase their kit after they click submit.
  6. No where does it show in the affiliates member area who their sponsor is. Does anyone know how to code this in or how to show who the affiliates sponsor is somewhere in the member area? IE: Maybe under where their affiliate links are saying... Your Sponsor is XXXXXXXX >?
  7. I would like to add who the affiliates sponsor (referrer) is on their approval email. I tried adding the following but thats not working. Your Sponsor is: {downline_sponsor_name} {downline_sponsor_email} {downline_sponsor_affiliate_link} Am I using the wrong tag? Can someone advise on how to add that info to their approval email? its important we have that for our structure.
  8. Is there a way to redirect the affiliate to a certain page on our website after they sign up? We have a paid kit program and would like to be able to set it up so after they do the sign up page, it redirects them to purchase their kit.
  9. How would you set up the affiliate link on a different domain? IE : mainsite.com is where Open Cart website is. affiliates (JAM)is set up on seconddomain.com but needs to be redirected to mainsite.com in order to track. Affiliates url will be seconddomain.com/affiliatename OR affiliatename.seconddomain.com
  10. Hi, We are currently using PAP (Post Affiliate Pro) and we are needing to get away from them ASAP. We have decided JAM will work for us however we have a question. We use OpenCart on our main .com and PAP is also through that. We want to use JAM on a different .com and have the affiliates links redirect back to the main .com website. So it will be like this with JAM.... rep.2nddomain.com redirected to 1stdomain.com Is this possible... if yes can someone explain how we would do this? We know we have seen this done a million times... company.com and reps get name.iamwith
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