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  1. Hi I have Jam version 3.0.48 installed. Can someone please tell me where to find the Aweber module. I have Get Response, Mailchimp and Constant contact but no AWeber. According to the release notes for this version AWeber is supposed to be included. Thanks JAM version 3.0.48 Feature Updates add coupon codes add commission notes to each sale triggered add option for aweber mailing list dd option for per product commissions to use program values in addition to the flat fee option add more options to the html WYSIWYG editor add option for custom random username
  2. I have added a getresponse form on the replicated website. When an affiliate registers they will need to put their own get response form ID into a custom program field. The problem that I have is that the form code from get response is a javascript So how do I add the custom form field into the javascript. EXAMPLE 1. This is the getresponse js that I need to use, the red number is the form id. 2. This is what I normally use to call a form field, which works perfectly. 3. However of course it does not work when added into the javascript as be
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