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  1. hello, make sure that you have checked if you allow cookies on your browser or not first.
  2. hello, please make sure your hosting account supports file_get_contents function first.
  3. try setting it as: http://seller.xxxx.com/sale/index/amount/$AMOUNT/trans_id/$ORDER_ID/customer_name/$NAME
  4. the logo is set insidea bootstrap block, so if you want to make more changes to positioning, you will have to edit the template file directly. the default template file is in /application/views/main/tpl_header.php
  5. affiliate manager is free to use up to 50 affiliates. Once you reach 50 affiliates, you can purchase the standard license to have unlimited affilates.
  6. that code is the PHP code for the tracking cookie. You need that to generate commissions as JAM will read it and view what affiliate referred the customer.
  7. hello, this usually means you have Mysql STRICT_MODE enabled. Please disable that and it should fix the default values error.
  8. you need to make sure you have integrate JAM for commission generation with your shopping cart before a commission can actually be generated. Some examples of integration are here: http://jam.jrox.com/kb/category/6/system-integration.php
  9. First, check if that code is still the same and add the JAM integration code in the same place.
  10. looks like ioncube is not enabled on your site. did you upgrade to PHP 7?
  11. You will need to enable the programs icon in Settings > Global Configuration > Content > Members > Enable Programs Icon
  12. We've updated JAM to version 3.1 to support PHP 7. Here's the upgrade instructions for it: http://jam.jrox.com/kb/article/131/upgrading-jam-version-3-to-version-31.php
  13. you will need to use PHP to convert that to a proper date format. Check the 'date() function for PHP.
  14. did you view the integration code on your thank you page to see if it is properly populating the sale and transaction values?
  15. You need to make sure you are not using the license key on a different domain name. If you are you will need to reissue the license first in your JROX account to use it on a different domain. Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
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