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  1. Not sure why my tweeter login is refused. Please help if my call back url for tweeter is right. Can you tried to use tweeter login https://netlife.tw ?
  2. how about google account, tweeter and other social login registration? When I use tweeter account to login for registration, it shows up two user account as inactive, not sure is it for sandbox? I expected to see user with the email from the tweeter account, but it automatically create two users, like user3, user9 with emails that randomly from my domain which were not existed. see the attached screenshots.
  3. Is there instruction for us to let user use their facebook account or google account to automatically register?
  4. I have found the tab where to change the invalid path. So it would fix the Global setting saving problem. tong
  5. When I tried to save global setting, it gave me error. But i did not do any change on the follow path. ttong Please Check Errors Backup Path - Invalid Directory Path Download File Path - Invalid Directory Path Support Attachment Folder Path - Invalid Directory Path Upload Products Folder Path - Invalid Directory Path
  6. The problem has been resolved. The product images should be uploaded to the products root folder. It does not allowed to create a sub-folder and use the sub-folder for the products images.
  7. I use the actual image manager in JES, I use the file manager in cpanel too, both of the image upload method does the same, can not view images after update. tong
  8. I am able to upload images using the content media/image manager, but when I tried to add the image to the product, after update, I can not see that the product show up with the images.
  9. The database error shown when I run the installer. tong
  10. I have the problem. A Database Error Occurred Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings. Filename: core/Loader.php Line Number: 346
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