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  1. Hi, I need Turkish Language Pack. Is there it ? Thanks
  2. I'll contact my hosting provider. I use shared hosting plan and I think smtp port is blocked on my hosting
  3. Is there any option? I can get a licence or paid for this integration. Thanks for answer
  4. http://support.qualityunit.com/428167-How-to-integrate-Post-Affiliate-Pro-Network-with-3rd-party-affiliate-networks Can I do like this?
  5. I use Gmail's smtp serve rname, userame and pasword to use. It works on Outlook and PHPMailler without JAM.
  6. Hi there, I have a question for you. I wanna be a brokerage firms between my publisher and (affiliatefirm_name).hasoffers.com, Can I tracking hasoffers action links clicking, and action on Jrox Affiliate Manager? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, I can't send any email from system. I controled to email settings from Global Settings and try all but I can't, I set smtp to email type and use yandex and gmail smtp server but It didn't work. I set php to email type and there isn't an error, succesfully sent mail but I don't get an email. I check my spam folder too. What can I do ? Thanks
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