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  1. I've solved this problem with using the API. The publisher can now link to any page like www.test.com/any-product?partner=123 and the cookie will be set. The handling of coupons for the publisher is now also possible. If you need any help in implementation: hello@elairo.de
  2. I dont use ad trackers... For examples I have products like: https://www.trauringdeals.de/kaufen/AUR-R002-WG-333 https://www.trauringdeals.de/kaufen/AUR-R005-GG-333 https://www.trauringdeals.de/kaufen/AUR-R010-RG-333 and the normal text link ad url is this: http://affiliate.trauringdeals.de/aff_tools/marketingakrobat/tool/text_links/1 The redirect url of this text link is https://www.trauringdeals.de/ Is it possible to use this text link ad to link to a product or do i have to create a text link ad for every product (about 600 differnt products)? Thank yo
  3. Hello, is it possible to create deep links with jrox? On my webseite http://www.trauringdeals.de the products are rotating every week. So I don't want to create new text links every week. Is there the possibility to create a deep link like: http://affiliate.trauringdeals.de/aff_tools/marketingakrobat/tool/text_links/1/https://www.trauringdeals.de/kaufen/AUR-R002-WG-333 Thank you!
  4. So now sometimes i can login.. than next time the problem occurs.. no changes on browser, webserver, config or anything.. if i try to login and get redirected the system generates entries in session-table. few minuts/hours later sometimes i can login without any problems. all works fine...
  5. I installed JROX on a subdomain on my server. All tables were generated. Now i try to login into admin-area: http://affiliate.xyz.de/admin_login But after login i see the "waiting for redirect..." and than i will be redirected to the admin-login form without any error message. Any ideas?
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