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  1. Are product commissions added on top of tiered commissions? Or instead of?
  2. Do you have more documentation on the per product commissions? We would like to set up our commissions based on product and affiliate level. We looked into JEM and noticed that it was possible there, but how would you do it here in JAM?
  3. We are moving from another ecommerce system which also allowed for point of sale purchases by creating an invoice in the administrative side and allowing us to collect payment and print a receipt. Unfortunately, the online sales portion of that didn't work as well. I don't think JEM is configured to collect payment on the administrative end and print receipts. If not, does anyone know of a third party software/service that can work with JEM to provide point of sale capability?
  4. We would also like to be able to do this - and in home parties as well. Anyone find a successful solution?
  5. Where can I access the meta tags in the header of my site? I want to change the robots tag to noindex, nofollow while we are developing the site. Also, all the icons disappear (become boxes) when I visit my site without the www in front of the domain. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!
  6. On my forms, when a submit button is clicked, the next page comes up "Webpage Not Available". This is because the /is missing after the domain name (for example https://safeharboraffiliates.comcheckout/shipping where the slash is missing between .com and checkout). I'm trying to find the files where I can fix this error. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
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