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  1. We are using a custom developed website that is hosted through Go Daddy with our products page linking to a "store" domain as hosted and managed by our Shopify account. We are going to integrate JROX with Shopify and have instructions for doing so (looks fairly straightforward); however, since the affiliate links with JROX redirect to our Go Daddy hosted domain/website (corporate website) where site visitors THEN click on "Products" to be directed to a different domain for our "store" (as housed on Shopify), do we need to incorporate any JROX programming into our corporate site domain/the Go
  2. Is there a way to unmask the affiliate's unique URL when it redirects to the appropriate page? For example, we are using the default link method and when someone uses an affiliate's link, it is successfully going to our "corporate website" homepage (this is where we wish for the affiliate links to forward), however, the address in the browser's address bar becomes that of our corporate site, and no longer displays the affiliate's URL in the browser's address bar. Affiliates are becoming very confused and fearing that their sales are not properly being credited to them when they can no longer
  3. Hello! I am trying to edit the Email Template for the affiliate's welcome/login details email (the email that is delivered to them upon sign-up/registration). I have added the dynamic tag to the email: {affiliate_link}, but it is not working. The email delivers with the dynamic tag script and does NOT display the user's affiliate link. All of the other dynamic tags that I have used (first name, username, password, etc.) are working as they should. It's just the affiliate link dynamic tag that isn't functioning. Can you please advise?
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