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  1. i found this line of code file_get_contents("http://www.yourdomain.com/affiliates/sale/amount/$AMOUNT/trans_id/$ORDERID/tracking_code/" . $_COOKIE['jamcom']); and my website are using prestashop, but i still dont get it how did $_COOKIE['jamcom'] came from anybody know how to set this cookie into prestashop ?
  2. oke thankyou. and i want to know? how jam jrox can integrate for my website with the code and how i to show link my affiliate (for example https://www.blibli.com/?a_blibid=56bad0cb7e862) how i get this parameter? a_blibid=56bad0cb7e862 can i get tutorial for presthashop installation? Thank You
  3. jrox affiliate manager can compatibel with presthashop?
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