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  1. If you set up the MailChimp module, do the- Admin Alert on New Signups Members Reset Password Members Login Details and more... emails still come from JAM or are you supposed to do that in Mail chimp now? It appears the Mail chimp integration is just to add those people to an email list in MailChimp and the rest of the emails still come through JAM. Is that correct? Thank you
  2. how do you set cookie expiration length? Is it set automatically? if so how long?
  3. I have 3 groups of affiliates that receive 25% 50% and 65% all for one product that has a one time purchase option in paypal and a year subscription option in paypal. I set up 3 programs, and 3 groups for those 3 commission levels. Do I also set up per product comission? If so, why when I try to add a product commission and click use program values yes, can I not add a program name and then it gets an error? Even if I set per product commission how do I set that product for each program, the same product for each group. Please do not redirect me to your documentation because it does not answ
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