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  1. Hi, I am using foreign keyboard and when I am typing text and get to the point that I need to press ALT + z to get ż all my text that I have written dissapears. It looks like it works exacly like CTRL + Z. Any idea how to switch that off ? All that is in any text editor that I want to use - creating html ads, email ads and editing faq.
  2. Hello, I would appreciate your great minds help. Can we exclude certain products of the target e-commerce from Comission calculation ? For example on 2 out of 10 products comission should not be calculated (or different comission) due to variety of products on e-commerce platform and different profit margins. Thank you!
  3. Hey Guys, Tricky Question, Can I install Jrox Jam on my serwer and create 4 separate porgram offers for 4 different shops that will be managed from that one installation of JAm ? Thanks!!
  4. Hi, Done that, does not work. Still says that the path is incorrect. Found workaround - added language in the database and then copied files via ftp. Seems to work although I cannot edit Common Lang from Admin area if wanted to - have to edit the file itself. I will try latest Jam though - the one I have is over 6 months old.
  5. Hello Do you have any idea why paypal will pay only in dollars despite changing of the currency ? How to change that ? Please help if you can
  6. Hello, I have some problems with adding a new language. I get the following error: Errors In Your Form Invalid Language Path where instructions say: If You Want To Upload Zipped Language File, Make Sure That Your Web Host Allows For Uploading And Unzipping Files To The Following Folder: /Home/Cbs/Domains/Sklep.E-Tiande.Pl/Public_html/Aff/System/Application/Languages/ If Not, You Can Unzip The Language File And Upload It Manually Via FTP To The Folder Above but my language file path is /domains/sklep.e-tiande.pl/public_html/aff/system/application/langua
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