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  1. Hello everyone.

    I will watch the videos again, but I have a couple of questions I hope to get clarified here by someone with experience using the system.

    Short description: I'm using the Jam software to keep track of partner affiliates. I will be paying them by check.

    I own a voip company and affiliates will be paid a recurring commission every month.

    I'm searching for 2 types of affiliates:

    1. for profit businesses and

      2. non profits like schools, churches etc.


    Should I make a separate 'program offer' for each or do I just make 1 program offer and ? Does each "program offer" have a different affiliate "JOIN OUR PROGRAM" page that I can tailor for each affiliate type? If I do create a new program offer, will it create its own "signup link" and "landing page url"? So far, I'm using this one: https://partners.mycrsavings.com/program/signup

    If I buy the program now, is there a phone number I can dial to get questions answered or just by email?

    Thanks in advance..

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