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  1. Hi There, I want to charge a flat rate of $5 commission, yet after I set it and save it it comes up as $4.75? Why does it change this? I don't want tax or anything coming out can anyone help with this? Many thanks
  2. Hi There, Can someone please tell me what CPM is? and what does it do? I have searched for instructions and cannot find this, any information would be great Thank you
  3. Hi All, i want to set a flat rate of $5 commission for a new sign up yet when I save it, it then shows up as $4.75? I don't want tax or anything removed just $5 flat rate, can someone explain how to do this?
  4. Hi All, How do you edit the landing page for "how it works" affiliate sign up page? I can edit FAQs and other things but not this, can someone point me in the right direction pleeeease Thank you
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