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  1. ... a fresh install sometimes helps everything works now ... thank you again!
  2. hmm ... maybe we can come back to that issue after xmas? tried on a standard installation and a "customized" - same results ... anyhow - happy holidays for you too and THANK YOU for all the kind support and service, this is extraordinary! cheers
  3. did as you described - still does not work ... all settings should be correct i guess ... if a manually ad a commission on the invoice edit tabs, it shows up in the affiliate commissions, if i just add the transfer it's not showing up ... also changed the order to paid, approved and processed everything - nothing ... btw - merry xmas!!! just noticed the date
  4. ok - did add the payment for the check manual, no commissions ... could you explain a little more detailed please? i did add an invoice payment manually, set payment to check as it was ordered ... marked the invoice and order as paid too ... no commissions we live in portugal, an already run a online shop. 80% of our clients want to pay by bank transfer or check, so this is very important for us ... no problem on manual adding the payment - we just need to learn how to do it how to select the products for the users store? if i click on "select products" i'm redirected to the store -
  5. i have some general questions about JEM3: when will the following issues be solved? - commissions don't work at all, except for (self) signup - no commissions are given for referred user signup or sales - affiliate groups not really work - can be set up but have no effect - subscription plans not available yet - usershops dont work (just startpage, no options to add products or options) we're starting up our new platform on http://trufanet.com and need to go online asap, could you give us some informations about the timeline untill release of a fully working JEM3? we love yo
  6. no button like that as well .. my fault!!! sure there is that button SORRY
  7. how do i setup the commisions? i only got signup commisions working, sales commisions do not apply - how do i setup this? cheers
  8. aaah - ok! ... this is exactly what i'm using ... offline or bank wire or check ... how can i activate sending the mails for those payment methods?
  9. thanks a lot! but still the same no emails after checkout ... any solution in sight?
  10. how can i change the conact informations in JEM 3? it's set to 123 Test Drive Los Angeles, California 90210 USA - can't find where to change that ... on global settings / site / general settings i can't choose another option
  11. update option in admin says there is version 3.0.1 - i'm on 3.0. ... maybe i could get that update? perhaps that solves the issue ... just need to get the script fully running and customize it, we want to start with full version, but need to see everything's working nicely before we buy ... hope for your understanding ...
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