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  1. I can't create new programs because I get this error:


    A Database Error Occurred

    Error Number: 1364

    Field 'Sort_order' Doesn't Have A Default Value

    INSERT INTO `Jam_programs` (`Program_status`, `Program_name`, `Signup_link`, `Url_redirect`, `Hidden_program`, `Group_id`, `Commission_levels`, `Enable_pay_per_action`, `Enable_pay_per_click`, `Ppc_interval`, `Enable_cpm`, `Cpm_unique_ip`, `Commission_frequency`, `New_commission_option`, `Auto_approve_commissions`, `Program_description`, `Privacy_policy`, `Terms_of_service`, `Modified_by`, `Last_modified`, `Program_cookie_name`) VALUES.....[i'VE EDITED THIS LAST PART OUT FOR THIS FORUM POST]

    Filename: Application/Models/Programs_model.Php


    What is causing this and how can I fix?

    - Greg

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