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  1. Testing the email list functions now: Go to Email lists > Click on"Create mailing lists" button Name the new list: Test Mailing list special tutorials. Save changes. Successful record creation noted. I wanted to populate my mailing list, so I clicked on 'Add User'. 'Update user' page appears. And a new user pops up. Why can't I just add contacts directly? New User user141 user39518@domain.com Last Login : Never Last Login Ip: 180.191.XXX.XXX Maybe it's 'Add contact'? No, another pop up, same thing. A new new user. New User user92318@domain.c
  2. I wanted to see if I could make dupes and have the system save them safely, so I went to Email tools > Email templates Went and clicked on "Create email template" button. Test template copied from email hello, a new article comment has been posted by {{name}}. Blog Title: {{title}} Blog URL: {{site_url}}blog/post/{{url}} Comments: {{comment}} {{site_name}} {{site_url}} Copy-paste, gave new title, saved changes BUT a new pop-up comes onscreen. Please Check Errors The template_name field is required. - I don't know where to look for
  3. I wanted to check out the blog posting feature with images and possibly with video, so I went to Content Media. Added test blog post. Copy-pasted my text, added image. Everything went well when I saved changes and opened the link to see the post. Boom, I saw my nickname and lastname (Both were assigned to me, I am not Supreme Overlord Root Admin.) I went to Admin and corrected the details to reflect my initials and last name. Saved changes, successfully reflected in the admin section. I refreshed the blog post --- the nickname and last name are still there. Once publish
  4. Tested Site Menus under Design layout I went to Member's Menu, and added FAQ's, Installation, and Trouble shooting -- records successfully updated in each case Then I tried logging in using Charles Xavier's account, checked out his members area. He is not activated yet. When I tried to look at the blog section, I go to a page with the "404 page not found" frowny screen. I went back to his member's dashboard and clicked to activate his affiliate account, thinking that might do the trick -- same frowny face, "404 page not found". What was working fine: Support, Account, Aff
  5. I went to Widget manager and went at it like an utter noob. I used the 'clone widget' function to leave the original ones alone What happens when you clone a widget? 1) I cloned 'flowers headline content' to get 'flowers headline content test' 2) The message 'Record updated successfully" appeared 3) I had to go to Image Manager under Content Media to upload the test image I wanted, and then go back to widgets to locate 'flowers headline content test' again. I successfully cloned and updated a widget, where and how how do I use it? How do I activate it? Where?
  6. Follow up on what I learned tinkering with the accidental forms Form Generator lets you manage the forms used in JEM, and the default forms are Registration, Checkout and Contact. Clicking on the blue link will show a Manage Forms display letting you name and describe the form Clicking on the magnifying glass icon will open a new tab showing how the form appears in real-time The menu icon lets you add custom fields to the form The pencil icon lets you modify the form's functions even further. Depeding on what tab you're in, it will let you configure the specific fields and how
  7. PHP error Severity: Notice Message: Undefined index: data Filename: jroxadmin/Forms.php Line Number: 73 Backtrace: File: /home/jxtesting/public_html/jem3/application/controllers/jroxadmin/Forms.php Line: 73 Function: _error_handler File: /home/jxtesting/public_html/jem3/index.php Line: 302 Function: require_once and Severity: Warning Message: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/jxtesting/public_html/jem3/system/core/Exceptions.php:271) Filename: helpers/url_helper.php Line Numbe
  8. Follow-up on things I learned from the Magneto, Professor X and Nightcrawler accounts: The system autopopulates user name and email address, to change those they have to be done manually. Same name but different email addresses is okay? There are a lot of new user and mike test in the system. So while the "Name" can be the same, USER name and email has to be different? No once can sign on or sign up for a new account with the same email address as a previous account. No one can sign in with the same user name as another account. What's the difference between name and u
  9. I created a new test account, Charles Xavier. His email addy was auto-populated with default email, so he came out as user84592, and user84592@domain.com at the start I saved the changes, account Charles Xavier, professorx@xmen.org came to be. When I added a picture to his profile, I noticed that the data for the user and email addy changed. In making Charles Xavier from user84592@domain.com and updating the profile with a picture/icon , the system also made a new user without my help or intention: user727, user727@domain.com I saved the changes and found 2 accounts, Charles Xav
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