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  1. Is it possible to assign multiple affiliate products to one user in the backend of affiliate manager?

    Let´s say I have a product with three levels and I want an affiliate to allow to promote the product the "bought" a license for by buying the product itself.

    So if he has the permission so promote the level 1 product his clicks got tracked.

    If someone has the permission to promote level 1 and 2 those clicks got tracked.

    But if he promotes someone to level 2 and has only the permission to promote level 1, he should not get the commission.


    I hope it is clear what I am trying to implement. I haven´t found anything in the backend yet.

    Any help is much appreciated!

  2. Hi!

    I am trying to build a program with three membership levels. A user has to be a part of a membership level, let´s call them level 1, 2 and 3 to qualify promoting each level and earn affiliate commission.

    The main question is, is there an automated way to track if a user purchased a product via paypal buy button and redirect him to the next level page. And track in the backend of affiliate manager which level he chose and only let him use affiliate links that are similiar to his membership level.

    All other purchases of higher levels made through his affiliate link should be passed up to the product creator.

    Thanks for any advice!

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