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  1. I am trying to pay my Affliates using Paypal Mass Payment - but when I click on the PayPal Pay button I get an error. It looks like the link information to the paypal site is missing the business parameter. But I cannot find out where to add that in. Presumably it is the company PayPal email address.
  2. I have installed and tested the software, now I need to find someone to be my affiliates? Are there websites that let people search for programs. I have tried searching with G, but clearly I am using the wrong terms. Any help or advice would be great.
  3. I am having trouble working out how (or if it is possible) to set the minimum payout amount. I have seen some documentation talking about the Affiliate Marketing Tab, but I can't find it, or if I can it only has affiliate tools. Any advice and guidance would be much appreciated.
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