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  1. I have an unused License Key in my Account however since the first of the year the Client Area will not allow me to login on the JRox Website and support will not respond after multiple attempts. I cannot even reset my password because the system now says that my email address doesnt even exist in the system. Has anyone else been experiencing a similar problem? I like the product but I hate the utter lack of support!
  2. I am not sure what you mean by "different urls". We purchased two license keys with developer access. We have only ever installed this license on one url (domain). I also see no reference to this issue within the Help Desk. Please explain what you are referring to?
  3. JAM keeps losing the License Key that I enter. I enter it in the field, click submit and its Registered. I log out and the next time I login the Software is back to only 0 to 50 users and the License Key is blank. Please Advise.
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