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  1. We have been using JAM for a few years now and a few weeks ago became unable to login to our Admin account - either Admin account. After inputting the login credentials it brought me back to the login page with an error message "Your Login Information Is Invalid". I had not reset my password, so I attempted to login again. I attempted logging into my partners Admin account also with no success. We've changed passwords on both Admin accounts with no success of logging in. We changed password numerous times still with no success. Also our JAM account license key has been removed/deactivate
  2. Hello, We would like to place an image in the header of our member's emails (possible all emails). Is there a way to place an image to show in the email's header? Where is this file location? I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Kathryn
  3. How do we make updates/changes to the Terms and Privacy pages? Where is this found? Thanks!
  4. I also attempted to upgrade to v3 and received a similar database error: A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1054 Unknown Column 'Status' In 'Where Clause' SELECT * FROM (`Jam_languages`) WHERE `Status` = '1' Filename: Application/Models/Init_model.Php Line Number: 0 I did upload the /imports/updates folder first and complete the upgrade instructions as per line 10 and 11 in the "Upgrading from Affiliate Manager version 2 to version 3". I have also sent in a support ticket. Thanks!
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