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  1. Yep that would explain it, I had another ticket back from my web host saying they had fixed it, so I think you could be right. My only concern when disabling things like that is if it could cause any kind of security issue. I have had the script running for a few years now, but I don't know what the default settings in php my admin were. Does disabling this setting pose any kind of problem?
  2. After some digging about and a conversation with my web host, I did find a video that showed me how to do just that. Before I could actually go and implement that change, it started working again! I have had the script installed for a good while now, so I was curious as to why this error just cropped up now, kind of out of the blue? Thanks for your response though, at least I will know what to do should this occur again.
  3. I am getting a database error on members replicated pages, as follows. A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1364 Field 'Region' Doesn't Have A Default Value INSERT INTO `Jam_traffic` (`Date`, `Member_id`, `Program_id`, `Tracking_code`, `Tool_type`, `Tool_id`, `Referrer`, `Ip_address`, `User_agent`, `Os`, `Browser`, `Isp`) VALUES (1600952345, '1', 1, 'NGZXAWWKGSH0IAC', 'Replication', '', '', '', 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; X64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, Like Gecko) Chrome/85.0.4183.121 Safari/537.36', 'Unknown Windows OS', 'Chrome', '')
  4. Thanks for the reply, looks like I will have to make a menu content page instead. Are there any plans to do add the ability to use replicated links on the menu in the future? Seems to me to be a very obvious and useful thing to be able to do. Appreciate your response though, I will have to work around it for now.
  5. In Affiliate Manager. I would like to add links to the members replicated pages, is there a tag that can be used in the menu maker for this? As an example the member page link might be - mydomain.com/reps/memberid/replicatedmemberpage.php I know I can make a content page and use the {affiliate_link} tag to achieve this from a page, but I want to be able to do the same from the menu if possible. Hope my question makes sense, any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. I am trying to edit a theme and want my logo to be auto centered and re-sized, to display well on all devices. I am struggling to find the right css template to edit and how to achieve this, since the default does seem to re-size, but is always to the left. Any help with this would be appreciated.
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