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  1. Thanks for the reply, looks like I will have to make a menu content page instead. Are there any plans to do add the ability to use replicated links on the menu in the future? Seems to me to be a very obvious and useful thing to be able to do. Appreciate your response though, I will have to work around it for now.
  2. In Affiliate Manager. I would like to add links to the members replicated pages, is there a tag that can be used in the menu maker for this? As an example the member page link might be - mydomain.com/reps/memberid/replicatedmemberpage.php I know I can make a content page and use the {affiliate_link} tag to achieve this from a page, but I want to be able to do the same from the menu if possible. Hope my question makes sense, any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  3. I am trying to edit a theme and want my logo to be auto centered and re-sized, to display well on all devices. I am struggling to find the right css template to edit and how to achieve this, since the default does seem to re-size, but is always to the left. Any help with this would be appreciated.
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