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  1. Hello, When an affiliate login to the Dashboard page, all of the content of the "member content" page is being displayed (when scrolling down) and the "read more" link is also being displayed (redundant). Only an "Excerpt" of the pages are supposed to be displaying on the Dashboard page. I don't see anywhere in the "Update Content Article" section where I can fix this. How to make only the "excerpt" of the member pages show on the Dashboard page?
  2. Based on your reply, you either did not read my entire post or you just don't understand. The JAM installation guide cannot help because I don't need instructions to install (this is a restore issue not a new installation issue). I need help to restore/transfer JAM form an old server to a new server (to keep all files and customizations). Please, if you don't know what I'm talking about, can you please escalate this to the next level support (although this should be an easy resolution). My previous post has 2 specific questions I would like answered (that cannot be answered
  3. Hello I had JAM installed on my domain (still own the domain name) a few years ago and I downloaded the database backup as well as the files. I no longer have access to the old web server it was hosted on. I would like help on uploading/installing all of the files and database backup to the new server. I know I will have to use FTP to upload the files however I'm not sure if I should do a fresh new install first, then replace the new files with my old files via FTP or if I should upload my old files first, then start the install. Also regarding the database, I don't know if I should l
  4. How do I edit the title of the "/affiliates/registration/signup" page? I want to change "Register Now And Become An Affiliate" to "Register Now And Become A Member"
  5. The only option I see available is to make this a link (which opens in a new window/tab). Is it possible to instead make it an internal iframed-URL? Basically I would like my members/affiliates to view my video tutorials within the members area via a URL in an iframe. Can this be done or is there a better way?
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