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  1. This is the Tracking settings page for us, should we disable "Lifetime Tracking"? As "enable IP /user agent tracking" is already disabled... Thanks
  2. Hi, For some reason we're noticing all commissions are going through to the same user, before this was all working, however all of a sudden this is happening? Every sale gives commissions to the 6th person in the down-line (making them level 1), when they shouldn't actually be included at all, as we've been testing with person 5 & below. Seen this before? Any idea what could be causing it? All our agents are active, etc... Thanks!
  3. Hi, After looking into this it turns out it was another conflicting plug-in causing the issue, the JROX plug-in is working perfectly Thanks for the assistance!
  4. Hi, We were getting the $shipping var in the foreach loop with elseif ($v->meta_key == '_order_shipping') $shipping = $v->meta_value; //Total order shipping. Just uploaded the latest plugin you've supplied so will test and let you know if the "wrong price error" has been fixed. Thanks!
  5. Hi yes, that's what I was thinking. However I tried not to modify the $total value as I thought that could mess things up, but still the Total: is changing. Could you check the modified plug-in file I sent in previous post? It's only a small customization around line 131, also, this happens both when $checkShipping is 1 and when it's 0 - so not related to that...
  6. Oh, so I should be able to upgrade to 4.1? All compatible? Thanks again
  7. We've got it working! I didn't realise there was an _order_shipping key inside $wpdb. I've customized the plug-in, adding a new select field on the dashboard panel that controls whether the shipping is included or excluded: http://www.codeshare.io/jru4l If you find it works well I'd be more than happy for you to apply to the JAM plug-in. There is one problem however, our site is multi-currency, and when we order in EUR at the moment, the total appears in 2 different values on the same page see screenshot: Could you have a look over the code maybe there's something to
  8. Yeah I tried that, it seems to be working, just not on my machine, so maybe a caching issue... Seems to be working for now, if we run into more problems with it from other users I'll post back here. Thanks
  9. Hi, We're currently working on splitting the shipping cost from the price, when all of a sudden I noticed that the orders aren't showing up in the JAM commissions panel. I had recently upgraded to WP 4.1, so downgraded just in case, but still nothing. I checked the plug-in's file and all the code we've added so far has been commented out, but the commissions still aren't showing up. We are receiving email confirmations of orders via WooCommerce but nothing on the JAM side of things... It's as if they've been disconnected? I've checked the settings and the affiliate integration k
  10. Hey, Yeah got that, it's from WooC. and that gets transfered into the JAM system later. I just can't seem to find the metakeys, I've looked into the documentation but can't see a specific list of the keys. I've found a calculate_shipping function in the Docs, I'm thinking of using that to calculate the shipping of the current product, is there a value in the plugins file that refers to the purchased products ID or something similar?
  11. Hi, I just thought, how does an agent add their PayPal ID (email) to their account? I know in the dashboard there's a setting to insert the ID but I don't see anything like this when I login as merely an agent. Something I've missed maybe? Cheers!
  12. Oh ok... would be a nice feature for the future , but is the outputted value actually converted? Or does it just change the currency symbol without using an exchange rate, etc.?
  13. Is there a way to enable multi-currency across the dashboard? There will be agents selling in Pounds Sterling and Euros (the store has a currency switcher), so the currency needs to be set per order (ideally), is there a setup fix for this?
  14. In the end I've fixed this issue by setting email config to "php", typing in the mail server, and leaving the rest of the fields as they were by default!
  15. Thanks for the reply, I've had a look inside the plug-in's file and have found the jrox_generate_commission function. Inside there's a $total value with the value from the '_order_total' meta key. Where is '_order_total' coming from? I looked through the WooCommerce code documentation but found no reference of it, I was wondering if there is a key such as '_order_shipping_total' maybe? As the shipping will vary in price dependent on the users location. I'm guessing it's going to be a case of taking the shipping value from the $total before running file_get_contents? Any help on
  16. Hmm, the download link doesn't work for the zip, I'm getting a 404. Could you update? However i think we have this plugin, isn't it the one where you enter the agent folder URL and the ID + code ? Where would we do the whole "minus the shipping from the total gross, before adding commission values to agents" thing? Is that in this plug-in?
  17. After thinking that it was maybe due to SMTP settings I defaulted back to PHP and emptied all fields, and I'm STILL seeing the red error
  18. Oh great, thanks for the reply. Where exactly do we set this up? - Could you provide some brief steps? We're using WordPress btw, does it work with that?
  19. I've just checked all my settings and can't see any problems, could you check my account by any chance?
  20. I'm also getting this error everytime someone signs up from a referral, but the account IS successfully created...
  21. We're currently testing the site, and I'm creating multiple agents all tiered inside each other. I'm up to agent three, and when logging in to the account I get the above error. Yet I know the password/email combination are correct, any ideas? Thanks
  22. Hi, we want to pay commissions on product sales but NOT on delivery costs - paypal splits the payments into 2 separate charges - see screenshot. Is there a way we can set that? So we do not pay affiliate commissions on the delivery costs, Thanks,
  23. Hey, Thanks for the reply, I've followed the steps and it all seems to be set up correctly, yet I get a 404 error when visiting "mywebsite.com/USERNAME". We're running JROX through WordPress, so I pasted the URL, the ID & the Key in the necessary setting fields of the plugin, set "Automatic User Registration" + "Automatic User Login" to "Enable". That's all I've got to do right? It's not necessary to add the PHP snippet (as Plugin takes care of that?)? Also - after updating the way the link is displayed, will it update on the member dashboard (in the URL section) in the "Ref
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