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  1. After purchasing the Forced Matrix License, how do you enable network marketing levels ?
  2. How can Subscription Products be configured so that reoccurring payments occur automatically ? The objective is to configure the EC Suite so that once a customer starts a subscription, payment should occur automatically. Otherwise a customer just gets sent an invoice at the end of every period (e.g. each month) which may or may not get paid. There must, or needs to be, a way of doing this ?
  3. Thanks for the location of: default_site_builder.tpl However, it does not look like the correct .tpl file for adding script files to a Site Builder generated page. By comparison, to add script to a non-site builder page, it can be done via Admin Menu / Design Layout / Layouts and Themes / Templates Manager / Site Pages / site_page.tpl OR Blog / blog_post.tpl In this case adding script files that enable VideoJS such as: <link href="{{base_url}}videojs/skins/videojs.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> Where would I find the appropriate Site Builder page .tpl file (or equiv
  4. Where are the site builder .tpl files called, and where are they located ? I successfully added some <script> to the standard blog pages via: blog/blog_post.tpl But cant seem to find the equivalent .tpl files for site builder pages.
  5. OUTSTANDING CHECKLIST (HOPEFULLY GETTING FIXED IN NEXT UPDATE) AND FURTHER ITEMS 11. Add Region Button Could not add region. 17. User Contact Page / Map Having 2 or more store locations did not enable map. 21. Image Manager Not Showing Image Files Example of issue. Image Manager Folder comes with 4 "product" images. If you upload via the image manager (or via FileZilla), any further images, then both old and new images can no longer be seen in the manager. Files upload successfully, but are invisible to the image manager. 22. Login Page Please add "stay logged in
  6. FIXED / FOUND OUT WHAT THE ISSUE WAS 6. Admin Dashboard / Left hand Menu / Design Layout / Site Layout / View Dashboard Icons The reason why icon do not appear to be rearranging for a user is that, for example, the user might have to make a purchase in order to see them in the first place. FURTHER ITEM 22. Login Page / Stay Logged In Button - Please How do I add a stay logged in option to the login page. Please can I have the code, or please can you issue an update with the this option embedded.
  7. PLEASE ADD TO ABOVE "ALSO" ITEMS 19 to 20 21. Image Manager Not Showing Image Files Images are not visible in the Image Manager, but are present in the folders if checked on FileZilla. So it's possible to place an image in a blog using its URL, but not via the image manager system.
  8. Hi Summarising your last helpful response, most of the bugs and improvements should get picked up in the next update, which should make everything the eC Suite v3 more user friendly. The remaining items seem to be: 6. Admin Dashboard / Left hand Menu / Design Layout / Site Layout / View Dashboard Icons Icons rearrange on admin dashboard, but not member dashboard. Your earlier suggestion to log member in and out of dashboard made no difference. > the view dashboard icons rearranges icons that are in the https://yourdomain.com/members/ area. Where users are directed to aft
  9. Hi Here is a list of bugs and suggested improvements that would make eC Suite v3 more user friendly, hence generate fewer support requests from future users: 1. Admin Dashboard / Left hand Menu / Slider Bar Previous update was helpful. Is there an easier to see colour than black; e.g. Blue or Green ? 2. Admin Dashboard / Left hand Menu / Content Media / Site Pages / Use Site Builder - button Where is the Site Builder Module button shown in the YouTube video, or how is the module to be introduced ? 3. Admin Dashboard / Left hand Menu / Content Media / Image Manager H
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