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  1. I have been trying to import members from JEM into the new eCommerce Suite cutting data down to first name, last name and email address in a comma separated text file. Everything goes well until the last step where I get an "internal server error" message. I cannot find any errors in the txt file so I am stuck here.
  2. Every product has their own proper image but thumbs do not show on the store overview page. Is there something wrong in settings? Thanks
  3. Why does the theme does not show on the website even though it's been installed correctly?
  4. That is true but I mean in the backoffice in order to manage the products
  5. One thing that I am missing in the new eCommerce Suite is the possibility to select products per category, brand or manufacturer in the back office. I have added 10 products of one brand out of a few hundred from several brands and if they show up in one big long list it will get a bit complicated to manage and edit afterwards. The latest JEM versions did have this option to select per brand or category which made things a lot easier to manage. Is there anything like that for e-Commerce Suite in the near future or am I missing something in settings? Thanks
  6. The theme shows up as it should in the themes panel, I have screenshots:
  7. Moving onward, I run into several issues in the new e-Commerce Suite. Being used to work with JEM, I can not find the performance bonuses for affiliates. What I am looking for is the bonus for affiliates reaching a certain sales amount or commission amount. The bonus can consist either of an amount or an upgrade to higher affiliate group. Is this available in e-Commerce suite or are you still working on that? Thanks
  8. Hi, Isn't there any option anymore to automatically update the currency conversion rates from one currency to another. We all know that currency rates change on a daily basis so that would be an enormous amount of work to manually keep up with that. Thanks
  9. I have installed the electronics one theme on my website but it is NOT showing. No error message in the backoffice, the website still shows the default theme.
  10. I have 3 JEM licences and I am wondering whether it's possible to upgrade them to a full e-Commerce Suite with the same multilevel marketing possibilities. Thank you
  11. Hi, How can I make site pages appear on the website, right now I only have Shop or Blog. Thank you
  12. I don't see the 'network marketing' tab though I have purchased the full version.
  13. How can I set the number of levels for affiliate marketing groups? Thank you
  14. Thanks for the info, I am getting closer but still need some fine tuning. What I need, just like in JEM 1 and 2 is the possibility to define different shipping rates for different total weight per destination. Let me give you an example: Shipping to France: up to 2 lbs: $3 up to 5 lbs: $5 up to 10 lbs: $8 Shipping to Germany: up to 5 lbs: $5 up to 10 lbs: $7 up to 20 lbs: $10 Shipping to Belgium: up to 4 lbs: $3 up to 8 lbs: $5 up to 15 lbs: $8 Free shipping for orders over $75 in goods ... This was pretty easy in
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