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  1. Thanks for the info, I am getting closer but still need some fine tuning. What I need, just like in JEM 1 and 2 is the possibility to define different shipping rates for different total weight per destination. Let me give you an example: Shipping to France: up to 2 lbs: $3 up to 5 lbs: $5 up to 10 lbs: $8 Shipping to Germany: up to 5 lbs: $5 up to 10 lbs: $7 up to 20 lbs: $10 Shipping to Belgium: up to 4 lbs: $3 up to 8 lbs: $5 up to 15 lbs: $8 Free shipping for orders over $75 in goods ... This was pretty easy in JEM but I can't really get my head around on how to get there in e-Commerce Suite. Thank you for your patience.
  2. Hi, I went through each and every menu and submenu but I can't find any way to setup a payment gateway. Am I really missing something? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am struggling setting up rates and shipping zones in the Unit Based Shipping module. In JEM2 it was pretty easy to define several zones (two caracter country codes) and shipping rates based on wight: (i.e. BE, NL - 1:5.00;2:6.50;5:9.90 ) This means for Belgium and Holland shipping cost up to 1 kilo = 5.00 euros, up to 2 kilos = 6.50 euros and up to 5 kilos = 9.90 euros How does it work in the e-commerce suite?
  4. Working on it. Got started with dutch translations and it looks very promising. I do hope that we can help each other to solve a bunch of bugs. This suite is like a huge step forward in e-commerce, it's so promising but there still are quite a bunch of issues to solved. I will log all the issues that I come across that needs attention or a solution.
  5. Ok, I found it. Are there any language packages available yet or do I need to translate myself?
  6. I have been using JEM from many years now and I have pretty much found my way around. So I was quite excited to discover the new version which looks very promising. I have downloaded and installed the free version to explore all new features but unfortunately I can't find the most important feature for use here in Europe, adding languages. Is this a hidden option or coming soon?
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