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  1. Hello JROX Team and Community, I switched the members and admin areas to SSL belieing my SSL certs were set up properly. They weren't. Now I am unable to access the site at all. So I am wondering if there is a file I can edit to change back to non-SSL and carry on with setup? Any assistance is greatly appreciated! -Adam W
  2. Here is some additional debug information. I have tried email config with SSL and non-SSL and have had vearied success, but the one constant still is that emails are not sending:
  3. Receive the following error when trying to use the FPRGOT YOUR PASSWORD feature fo both Admin and Members. Also notice that whilein the admin panel, it doesnt send emails. Not sure if the other issue I am having of being able to upload photos is associated or not with this issue. Very excited to get this fully working and in sue so your assistance is greatly appreciated! An Error Was Encountered could not send email. check email settings
  4. Is there a document similar for PayPal that guides how to set up Stripe Connect purchase tracking? We have a corwdfunding project with commissions for affiliates driving donations to the site and so this is pretty important to understand what is the best practice (be it PHP or something more inline with the Paypal speciifc instructions) so that commissions are tracked on site specific donations within an integrated order form. Backers get an order form, where they select how much to back the creator with. There is an optional amount which they can donate specifically to the site itself.
  5. Is there an easy integration to both rack sales as well as pay commissions to affiliates using Stripe Connect?
  6. Was able to get the latest version of JAM installed myself, and so far looks like everything is working - however, when I attempt to save a picture for users or admins, I get this error: This site can’t be reached The webpage at http://[my website]/affiliates/admin/admin_users/upload_photo/1 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_ACCESS_DENIED Same type of deal happens with uploading of theme: I even tried creating the creating the folders myself to
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