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  1. I made some code changes to the older version of JROX affiliate manager to allow commissions to compress.  So, if an affiliate didn't qualify for a commission, it would go to the next "Qualified" affiliate in the upline.  Does this functionality exist in the new eCommerce Suite?  

    In the older version, I had to create 2 separate product entries for each product.  1 for Retail price and 1 for Member price.  Each product had unique commissions levels associated because affiliates who referred a retail customer would get paid the difference between retail and member price, plus 10% of the member price.  Is there a way to do this in the new version without creating 2 separate products?  Maybe have separate prices (pricebooks) for each affiliate discount group as well as different commission percentages for those prices?

    Thank you

  2. Has anyone used the "Site Builder" yet?  I'm having a difficult time using the knowledgebase as a guide.

    It says : 


    Adding Sections
    Click on the + Plus icon on the left side bar to launch Site Builder sections.  Select from a variety of prebuilt content that you can use as the foundation for your new section. Click on one of them and it will automatically be added to the bottom of your page.


    But, there is no + Plus icon anywhere that I can see as the side bar is only showing different configuration areas.  

    I want to customize the default home page, but nothing seems to work as the knowledgebase instructions indicate.

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