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  1. And that is in addition to the $397 for the owned license, correct?
  2. ah...so if I want to take advantage of creating a 6x6 forced matrix commission tree, I would have to upgrade to the full version, then...correct?
  3. I understand you have to limit functionality within the free option for your system; however, it seems completely ludicrous to not only lock down the commission settings within your free version, but to also not share what the default settings are. Please, for the sake of all of us who are simply trying to find out if your software is the right solution for our needs-open up the commission settings for the free version of your software! I know $300 for the full version doesn't sound like a like to you, but that's quite a sum of money for us to shell out only to find out your controls within
  4. Yeah, it's free, but why can't you include the ability to change the commission rules in the free version? Surely you can't expect customers to drop $300 just to find your solution doesn't include basic commission control functionality? This is beyond frustrating...
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