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  1. I reverted the file back to the old file File:/home/pursepar/public_html/mrwhateverittakes.com/application/models/Members_model.php
  2. This is the error I get when clicking add contact in admin. this problem stated after i updated the site with version v1.01 An Error Was Encountered Sorry, but there was an error processing your request... Error Message: Column 'allow_downline_view' cannot be null File:/home/pursepar/public_html/mrwhateverittakes.com/application/models/Members_model.php Method:Members_model::add_permissions Line: 453 Last SQL Query: INSERT INTO `jrox_members_permissions` (`member_id`, `allow_downline_view`, `allow_downline_email`, `allow_forum_moderation`) VALUES (
  3. I'm having a similar problem. The image gets uploaded to the server but I cant see it in the image manager. I've tried all of the suggestions above.
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