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  1. Even on request, you could not provide a working configuration for your installer. You are losing potential customers. Nginх is more professional than Apache. Config for nginx: location / { try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php; } It works.
  2. Thanks for the solution, but unfortunately it does not work. When I try mydomain.com/install, the browser offers to save file every time with random name, like: 2BknpT_8, pndec37h, etc. (4 989 bytes, this is index.php)
  3. Yes, in Apache it works. /index.php/install/ in nginx does not work We need a way how to transfer these URL rewrites rules to nginx config.
  4. mydomain.com/install/ = gives an 404 error. The rules in the file ".htaccess" do not work in nginx.
  5. the archive jrox.zip does not contain the install folder: application attachments backup docs downloads filemanager images import install_files js system themes uploads
  6. Hello, the free installer does not work, tried on two different servers. Centos7, nginx/1.17.10 + PHP 7.2.30 When unzipped the archive jrox.zip and run index.php, it shows an error: An Error Was Encountered Sorry, but there was an error processing your request... And 2 buttons are displayed: "Go Back" and "Contact support". There are no errors in nginx logs. How to solve this issue?
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