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  1. Videos are not loading on pages. Own html codes are deleted from the system And when I use insert with media only the following <video controls = "controls" width = "300" height = "155"> </video> appears but the video cannot be seen. Why does eCommerz not allow the use of my own html codes? Html codes are deleted every time they are saved. It's not more funy. I thought it was a well-engineered piece of software. Here you stumble from one extreme to the next. Very sad
  2. But that's not what I expect. I would like to be able to decide which member level can see different content. In version Jem 2.xxx I could choose between Enable Affiliate Group Permissions ... Yes or No or Restrict Access To ?????? or Require Membership To Access .... Yes or No and then choose a membership I miss all of that. The absence of these components makes the eCommerce Suite actually for me useless. Very sad that Jem 2.0 was not adapted for php 7.2 and higher. Everything that is missing here was there.
  3. I miss the way for the setting Restrict Access To ..... Where can I find the option to only release my content for subscribers.
  4. I would like to add a time counter script to my products, but the script is deleted immediately. What's wrong?
  5. Yes, that's right, in /application/views/site/global/slideshows.tpl I can adjust it myself only where can I adjust the height?
  6. OK after a complete reinstallation, including the other themes, everything is available without error messages. But what I'm still looking for is a way to resize the slideshow. Does anyone have any clues for me?
  7. I have also installed electronics one theme and get the following message: An Error Was Encountered Template "js/carousel.tpl" is not defined in "home/default.tpl" at line 80. What does that mean now?
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