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  1. Somehow it counts clicks but only from new browser / device. Is that normal? Anyway I've bought something to check if commisions wor but now, not working Any idea how to check why? The shop is on Woocommerce and plugin is active
  2. But now clicking in affiliate link gives nothing. No counts
  3. OK, after some time I slowly get it. So more specific question. I have affiliate link https://partner.domain.com/nick/ where domain.com is domain of shop, partner.domain.com is domain of JAM (subdomain of shop URL) and nick is affiliate. How to point it to shop domain not to JAM subdomain?
  4. Hi, I've just installed JAM on subdomain of shop. All works. Installed plugin on WP to integrate JAM installation with Woo. Done. How to connect those two? Have newly created affiliate and whant to check if all works. How to generate link? Any link to exact examples / docs? thanks in advance
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