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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Here is a list of bugs and suggested improvements that would make eC Suite v3 more user friendly, hence generate fewer support requests from future users: 1. Admin Dashboard / Left hand Menu / Slider Bar Previous update was helpful. Is there an easier to see colour than black; e.g. Blue or Green ? 2. Admin Dashboard / Left hand Menu / Content Media / Site Pages / Use Site Builder - button Where is the Site Builder Module button shown in the YouTube video, or how is the module to be introduced ? 3. Admin Dashboard / Left hand Menu / Content Media / Image Manager How can I access folders other than the existing ones rooted to jrox images (example of existing root https://www.mysite.com/images/uploads/products). Example of new folder and location desired https://www.mysite.com/alternative_images_folder. 4. Admin Dashboard / Left hand Menu / Design Layout/ Layouts and Themes / Logo and Themes / Manage Themes / Get More Themes Button Does this need to be directed to a different page, such as the one where there will be more themes in the future; e.g. Themes coming soon page ? 5. Admin Dashboard / Left hand Menu / Design Layout / Layouts and Themes / Logo and Themes / Upload Logo Suggested improved text: "Current Logo" to "Current Logo 150x75px", and "Favicon 32x32px". 6. Admin Dashboard / Left hand Menu / Design Layout / Site Layout / View Dashboard Icons Icons rearrange on admin dashboard, but not member dashboard. Your earlier suggestion to log member in and out of dashboard made no difference. 7. Admin Dashboard / Left hand Menu / Design Layout / Site Layout / Dashboard Suggested improved text for tab: "Dashboard" to "Members Dashboard" 8. Admin Dashboard / Left hand Menu / Design Layout / Form Generator / Registration Form Password default should be set to "required" + "visible". Pass word text should be amended to "Unique password for this site" as customer will typically then be sent a copy of their password in an email, which is a security risk if the same password is used for other sites. Also, it is not possible to change the text inside the password box. The text changes on the admin page but not the web form itself. The text "Use a unique password for this site" would fit better into the box than to the left of it. 9. Admin Dashboard / Settings No new information can be saved until the following errors are resolved: "Please Check Errors: Backup Path - Invalid Directory Path, Download File Path - Invalid Directory Path, Upload Products Folder Path - Invalid Directory Path.... etc" Solutions: Warn first time users, or put the necessary folders in the Jrox app bundle, or disable this restriction. Note that no new information can be saved until all the correct paths are saved in one attempt. 10. Admin Dashboard / Settings / Default address A first time user may have a lot of trouble figuring out how to change your address to their address. Suggest the following hint is added "Default address can be changed by using the _Store Address_ button at the top right of the dashboard." 11. Address for United kingdom. How can the region / state setting be amended. "Greater London" is now usually just written "London" ? 12. Admin Dashboard / Settings / Security / Captcha v2 Is there benefit in updating to eC Suite to Google v3 (currently v2) ? 13. Admin Dashboard / Settings / Automation Tab There might be some advantage in labelling the whole tab "Automation and Cron" ? 14. Cron or Manual Database Backups Do Not Appear To Backup the MySQL Database backup path successfully set to root folder (the same folder that public_htlm is located: i.e. Outside public_html). Yes, Backup Database is checked and should therefore also be within cron jobs. No backup file could be located upon manual backup. 15. Site Settings / System Utilities / Manage System Backups Tried backing up the MySQL database from here. Green indicator said it had been done, but again, no backups were visible. 16. Modules / Get More Modules Button Is this directed towards the correct Jrox page ? 17. User Contact Page / Map How do you enable the address location on the map (once you update the address settings the map stops showing the particular location), and would the missing Site Builder Module would have enabled this ? 18. Subscriptions Is there, or will there be some documentation or guidance upon how to set up recurring subscriptions, and their associated memberships areas ? I hope all this will improve eC Suite v3 and reduce the future need for new customers support. It would be great to get all this resolved, and move onto trying to create some webpages. Are we past the stage of needing to reinstall the whole package, and can instead implement fixes by uploading the altered files ? Thanks David
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